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On Giving Advice to Others


  1. LFS
    by Thomas Barr <tcbiii/> (Fri, 08 Feb 2002)
  2. helping others
    by Thomas Barr <tcbiii/> (Fri, 08 Feb 2002)


by Thomas Barr <tcbiii/>
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002

> For most the LFS is a knowledgeable authority.
> When the advice from the LFS is incomplete or wrong it may take repeated
> postings by one or postings by several people to convince the unbelieving
> aquarist to give this or that a try.

It's those "in the know"'s job to help those who do not.

 That applies here to the LFS's and us helping them out. This way you help
someone who sees far more people than you do on a one on one basis. This
helps the LFS since it helps their own knowledge. They do not have "plant
tank school". Then this same knowledge is passed down to the local fish and
plant keepers and then you have more folks seeing more planted tanks in your
area and then you have nice plant clubs.

LFS's, small on line vendors such as AB, FD, AGA, Delaware AI, PG and others
are not getting rich doing this hobby and help many folks out without being
paid. We should really work and talk with the owners of LFS's about getting
into the plant thing.
Take thy Kasslemann bible text and go forth! Help them to help others.
Just stop by and say hi to them. Ask them if they'd like to take some plants
for trade or get something for credit etc. Even if you really don't have
that much for trade etc, just bring in something to get the ball rolling.
Ask them if they've considered getting a CO2 system etc for a plant display
tank. And just keep going from there.

Folks complain that their LFS's don't know as much as they do __all__ the
frickin time. So do something about it then, if YOUR so knowing! If you can
say that then go help them out just like the poor beggars that wonder in
here asking for algae help. Some of the folks here just might happen to be a
LFS owner for that matter.
> recently at the  LFS - "What??? Your adding PHOSPHATE to your plant tank? "I
> said  yes as he was handing me a generous store credit for plants I had
> brought in.  LOL

That bugs them. Also, it does not sell much in the way of products(RO, fancy
NO FL bulbs, controllers etc). Having both the high and low end products
increase their markets. That's the best for them and the consumer. They can
make a fair amount selling some simple cheap things.
Tom Barr

helping others

by Thomas Barr <tcbiii/>
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002

> Unlike Tom, my patience has bounds.  I usually tell
> them to go  But now I have another
> option!

No you do not.

You have been called upon by ye faithful flocks to go forth and make thy
tanks fruitful and help others to do the same. This is the only way to atone
for thy sins of plant murder. To be forgiven and be allowed back into the
Garden of Eden, thy shall needth to help at least ten beggars, ten blind
people and at least one non CO2 user(the leper). This is the one true path
to enlightenment! MH and PC's are the other.

Tom Barr   

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