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  1. HELP son added laundry Detergent to TANK!!!!
    by (Allan R. Batteiger) (Fri, 04 Aug 95)

HELP son added laundry Detergent to TANK!!!!

by (Allan R. Batteiger)
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 95
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria,rec.aquaria

  My 3 year old son decided the fish needed a "bath" and added about 1/2 cup 
of laundry detergent to the 29 gallon freshwater tank.  I believe the fish 
were exposed to this condition for at least 1 hour.  I lost over 1/2 the fish 
in the tank.  I moved the fish into a 10 gallon tank that had been sitting in 
the garage for the last year.  This thak was quickly filled with tap water and 
I added 2 tablespoon of AMQuel to the water then started netting fish.

My question is how to recover the 29 gallon tank.  I emptied the tank, threw 
out the filters and replaced them with new ones, rinsed the gravel and tank 
out (totally broke everything down ).  I have refilled the tank with tap water 
, but the PH is still over 9.0. I have added water buffering chemicals to try 
to lower the PH but not much luck yet.  Anyone have any ideas or experience 
with this kind of situation?  The local shop suggest I may have to throw out 
all of the gravel and clorox the tank to cut any soap left in the tank.

Thanks for any help

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