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Power Usage


  1. Measuring Power consumption
    by rader/ (Steve Rader) (25 Feb 92)
  2. Measuring Power consumption
    by ()
  3. electrical usage
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Measuring Power consumption

by rader/ (Steve Rader)
Date: 25 Feb 92
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria (Rich Braun) writes:

	[ ...Info about energy usage of Hagen 805 PHs
	     and Magnum canisters deleted...  ]

|> More important than "peak amps" is the power consumption under
|> operating load.  Find out that statistic.  (Too bad places like
|> Radio Shack don't sell power-efficiency measurement devices which
|> you could plug into the wall and then in turn plug in an appliance.
|> That might be my next project.  Cheapo multimeters tend not to
|> have the capability, and who wants to hook up a 110VAC item in-line
|> with a pair of meter probes?)

Speaking of Radio Shack and energy usage...
I remember back a decade or so my boss at the time used one of these devices
to find out the cost of running his every so powerful Radio Shack TRS80s.
At the time he _rented_ one of these power-efficency/power-usage devices
from the local public electic company for peanuts.  I've always ment
to find out how much juice my reef actually eats but am afraid of what
the results might be.  At any rate, it may be worth checking into.


From: (Robert Frederick Enenkel)
Date: 28 Feb 92 17:18:09 GMT

Measuring Power consumption

Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

(Kevin Sullivan) writes:

>Want to know how much electricity your reef uses? 
>Turn off everything in your house (especially the 'fridge) except the reef.
>Go outside and count the rev's on the power company's meter.

Good idea.  Turn off the reef too at first to make sure the meter stops
(ie. you haven't forgotten anything).  Robert Enenkel

From: hester-at-hplvec.LVLD.HP.COM (Bob Hester)
Date: 21 Mar 92 18:05:23 GMT

electrical usage

Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

A few weeks ago someone had posted a note about electrical usage. I thought
it would be fun to find out what my aquariums cost me to run on a monthly
basis. About a week before the original post, I borrowed a electrical meter
from the City of Loveland to check our water beds electrical usage and while
I had the meter I decided to check the aquariums also. Here is the results
for the two aquariums I have.

First Aquarium

125 gallon glass tank
2 - Magnum 330 Cannister Filters (manufacture rating 330 gallons/hour)
2 - Aquaclear 301 Power Heads (manufacture rating 175 gallons/hour)
1 - 800 whisper air pump with rheostat at about 40%
3 - 40watt fluorescents turned on 10 hours/day (standard ballasts)
Water temperature is 80 degrees

(6.2853 kwh/day) x (30.4375 days/month) = 191.24896 kwh/month
(191.24896 kwh/month) x (.06067 dollars/kwh) = 11.60 dollars/month

Second Aquarium

40 gallon Acrylic tank
1 Ehiem 2213 Cannister Filter (manufacture rating 116 gallons/hour)
2 - Aquaclear 201 Power heads (manufacture rating 125 gallons/hour)
2 - 40watt fluorescents turned on 10 hours/day (standard ballasts)
Water temperature is 80 degrees

(2.0333 kwh/day) x (30.4375 days/month) = 61.88958 kwh/month
(61.88958 kwh/month) x (.06067 dollars/kwh) = 3.75 dollars/month


  1. 30.4375 days/month is average days per month over four year period.
  2. kwh = kilowatt hours
  3. .06067 kwh/hour was the cost supplied by the City of Loveland.
  4. kwh/day is averaged over 5 days.
  5. No water changes during test or 2 days before test.
  6. I saw changes in electrical usage when room temperature changed. (When
     the overall temperature was down over a 24 hour period the kwh usage was
  7. Your usage and cost per kwh will probably very . 

Bob Hester

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