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Why Build Your Tank?


  1. DIY tanks: Do they pay off?
    by (patrick timlin) (2 Nov 1996)

DIY tanks: Do they pay off?

by (patrick timlin)
Date: 2 Nov 1996

Christopher Tippie ( wrote:
: Does making your own tank really pay off?  I expect that it prolly doesn't 
: with small tanks, but how about the big ones (i.e. 75 gal. +)?  How hard is 
: it?  Do they leak?  Is there a cost savings?  

In nearly all cases (regardless of size) it is far cheaper to just 
purchase a tank than try and build one.

The reasons you would resort to building your own instead of just buying 
one are:

1) Because you just want to! :)  Even if it costs the more, many people 
just enjoy the "do-it-yourself" way.

2) You have an odd size you want or a location where a normal tank will 
not go such as in a corner, or around a pillar or whatever.  Sometimes 
people want to do something creative you can not do with a normal tank.  
Maybe a 10 foot tank against the way but you don't want it to intrude 
into the room very much either so you only make it 8 inches from front to 
back.  You get the idea.

So if you are considering the cost advantage to building your own, forget 
it.  Only do it if you HAVE to or because you WANT to.

Patrick Timlin

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