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Aquatic Gardeners Association


    by (23 Oct 91)


Date: 23 Oct 91
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria

A lot of netters have been asking me for info on The Aquatic Gardeners
Association. So, here it is:

It was put together to 

1. disseminate information about aquatic plants
2. to study and improve upon techniques for culturing 
	aquatic and bog plants in aquariums and ponds.
3. to increase interest in aquatic gardening
4. to promote fellowship among its members.

The journal of the AGA is called _The Aquatic Gardener_ and we put out
6 of these a year. The Sept - Oct issue deals mainly with algae
control. Here's the contents page:

Bleach treatments, Daphnia, Ostracods and snail: strategies
	for algae control by Paul Krombholz

Algae control - a three statge attack by Emmit W. Stewart

Chemicals to control algae - the use of copper by Neil Frank

Using plants to control algae - the aerial advantage by Diana Walstad
	(this is IMO an EXCELLENT article and am looking forward to
	part 2 in the Nov - Dec. issue)

Amazon sword Growth greatly affected by pH by Wickham S. Thomson

Broad leafed Amazon sword plant by Richard T. Pon

Monthly feature QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS by Dale Speirs
Dale answers questions such as: 

1. Do plants have a nitrogen preference for nitrates or ammonia?
2. I want to eliminate the undergravel filter in my tank because I blame
it for poor plant growth. Is there a way to simply turn off the UGF
so I dont have to completely tear down the tank? I'm afraid of what will
happen to all the bacteria under the filter plate. 

The publication is usually 25-30 pages long and contains good info. 

Membership dues are $15.00yr, U.S./Canada/Mexico and $28.00/yr, all
other countries

Send check or money order to 

Dorothy Reimer (Membership)
83 Cathcart St.
London, Ontario

(All funds must be in U.S. Currency)

AGA is a non-profit organization. 


                                         Vinny Kutty

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