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Organizations, Magazines, Books, and other Resources

In addition to the other resources found on the top page, there are many specialized magazines, fish societies, and archives catering to your every aquatic need. Unfortunately, I don't have time to categorize the ever-changing links, so I don't keep many here. Most of the links I do have are for historical sentimental value.

The FAQ has a good resources section that you may wish to check first. Included is a list of aquarium societies, mail-order houses, books and magazines.
[LINK] Mark Barnett's Fish Link Central is, well, pretty much what it says: lots of pointers to fish resources on the web, and off.


[LINK] Aquarium Fish Monthly
Historical announcement of Cichlid News from 1992
Aquarium Frontiers Historical Posting,
an index for Tropical Fish Hobbyist Index, posted by one netter from his personal collection.
Reviews of some magazines
[LINK] Diskus Briefs
[LINK] Datz the world-famous German magazine


Most of the national fish organization links have been moved to the appropriate subsection of the site, for instance Fish or Plant groups.

[LINK] FAAS, the Federation of American Aquarium Societies.
[LINK] Ocean Voice International
Greater Seattle Aquarium Society, my favorite local aquarium club. :)

Commercial Ventures

[LINK] Aquatic Technology (reef aquaria supplies, etc)
[LINK] Water Garden Supply Index
[LINK] Ray Lucas/Kingfish Services
[LINK] Aquarium Co-Op (Seattle)

E-Mail Mailing Lists and Other Online Stuff

Betta mailing list.
Goldfish mailing list.
Cichlid mailing list.
[LINK] Aquatic Plants.
Discus channel
[LINK] Southern Hemisphere Killifish Keeper's Mailing List (AUNZZA)
[LINK] another list of mailing lists, provided by Richard Sexton.

Pet Stores

Read the discussion on selling to pet shops, look for pointers on good vs. bad shops, and examine the reviews of mail-order places.

Loosely-Related Pages

These are here because someone asked me if I'd link to them, probably back in 1995 or earlier...

[LINK] The international zoo directory has their own page.
Here's an old list of other sites catering to digitized images.
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