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Aquarium Frontiers


  1. Aquarium Frontiers Magazine
    by (Kristi Bittner) (26 Apr 1995)

Aquarium Frontiers Magazine

by (Kristi Bittner)
Date: 26 Apr 1995
Newsgroup: sci.aquaria,rec.aquaria,alt.aquaria

Recently there was some discussion of the Aquarium Frontiers Magazine, and
there was a request to see the table of contents from some previous issues, as
a way to judge whether individuals might be interested in getting the
magazine.  So (at the risk of sounding like an advert :-)), I finally copied
some stuff out of my most recent issue, as follows.  I do think the magazine
is good, and tries to maintain a high level of information content and
accuracy.  It is relatively new, and started with the premise that people
would be willing to pay more, to get more depth (even for fewer issues and
total pages).  However, since then, it has gone through a couple of price
splits, and page # increases (it's still only something like 30 pages?).

So here's the info:
Aquarium Frontiers:
Winter 1995
Ejection Seat Coral Oulophyllia crispa. by Kees Boots and Ron Ates.
Feature Aquarium (pictures and data).
What Benefit Does Strontium Supplementation Offer the Reef Aquarium? by
  Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D.
  -also Carbonates and Strontium:  A Response and Re analysis.  by Robert
  W. Buddemeier, Ph.D, Kansas Geo. Survey.
  -also Comments on both Shimek's paper and Buddemeier's Response and Re
  analysis. by Craig Bingman.
Product Review. by Gregory Schiemer.
  (Beyond the Instructions - Introducing the ETS Skimmer.

AVAILABLE BACK ISSUES (for $7.50 each, plus $3 postage outside of USA)
Fall 1994
Spawning Tubastrea coccinea.  by Joe Yaiullo.
Aquarium Photography. by Dr. Steven J. Schiff.
Product Reviews. by Gregory Schiemer.
Book Review: The Reef Aquarium. by Douglas Robbins, Ph.D.

Summer 1994
Hermit Crabs in the Reef Aquarium. by Gregory Schiemer.
Bristle Worms. by Ron Shimek, Ph.D.
Sexual Reproduction and Recruitment of the Stony Coral Pocillopora
  verrucosa with discussion of Spawning Induction Techniques. Part 2. 
  by Steve Tyree.

Spring 1994
Algal Turf Scrubber and Model Ecosystems - A continuing Dialog. by
  Walter H. Adey.
Red Calcareous Algae: Creator of Coral Reefs. by Peter Wilkens.
Sexual Reproduction and Recruitment of the Stony Coral Pocillopora
  verrucosa with discussion of Spawning Induction Techniques. Part 1. 
  by Steve Tyree.

Winter 1994.  (sold out)

Fall 1993
A Review of Algal Filtration. by Julian Sprung.
Two Aquaria Designed for Stony Corals, Part 1. by Alf Jacob Nilsen.

Also Note - from the Winter 1995 issue:
Editor Terry Siegel
Contributing Editors:
  Ron Ates, Craig Bingman, Ph.D., Bruce Carlson, J. Charles Delbeek,
  Frank Greco, Santiago Gutierrez, Scott Michael, Alf Jacob Nilsen, Mike
  Paletta, Richard Pyle, Douglas Robbins, Ph.D., Greg Schiemer, Ronald L.
  Shimek, Ph.D., Marc Weiss, Peter Wilkens, Joe Yaiullo.
Science Editor Julian Sprung
Subscription Info:
2 years (8 quarterly issues)  $50.00
1 year  (4 quarterly issues)  $27.00

Note to current subscribers:  The term of subscriptions at our original
price will automatically be doubled.  Florida residents add 6.5% sales
tax.  Canada add $2.50 per year.  Foreign, add $4 per year.  International
money orders drawn on U.S. Bank.

Mail order and payment to: Aquarium Frontiers
                           2920 Ave R, Suite 221
                           Brooklyn, NY  11229

For Visa and Mastercard Orders, 9AM - 6PM, M-F, 1-800-969-7742  


To: Kristi Bittner <>
~Subject: aquarium frontiers on the internet...

Julian and I are pleased with what you plan on doing; go to it. The next issue
will contain an additional 16 pages, 4 of which will be for advertizers. Our
policy is no more than 25% of the pages  will ever be devoted to adds.
Thanks for your support,
Terry Siegel, editor
Aquarium Frontiers

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