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  1. Aquaria related internet resources
    by Ralph A Brusca <> (Sun, 11 Feb 1996)

Aquaria related internet resources

by Ralph A Brusca <>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996

Hi Erik,

I wanted to ask you, if you could include a listing of our irc Discus chat
group, on The Krib page.

About the channel:
The Discus Channel has been up and running since January of this year, We
meet every Sunday night at starting at 8:00 pm EST, we usually stay open
till around midnight. The channel #discus is on the EfNet. Discussion is
conducted in a polite and friendly manner. I loosely moderate the group,
foul language is not tolerated, nor is flaming, although I have yet to kick
anyone. I believe that this is due to the good nature of our fish keeping
brethren. We usually have a few commercial breeders that sit in,
volunteering information when appropriate. In the short period that we have
been in existence we have had a good percentage of regular visitors. 

Vision for the future: 
At this time we are only open for about 5 hours a week. I have had requests
from discus keepers from around the world stating that our time slot is
inconvenient for them. I would like to run the channel for 24 hours on
Sunday, but at the present our group is too small(20 visitors on average),
so it must be grouped into a 5 hour time slot. I feel that this keeps the
chat active, in that there are always at least 4 or 5 people on at a given
time. As our base increases I will be adding hours, to accommodate the
additional traffic.

The addition of a mention on the krib page, should aid in increasing our
user base, which is why I am asking you to include us in your listing
(Mailing lists).

Also I am willing to give assistance to anyone who needs it, in getting on
irc, and finding The Discus Channel once on irc.

Ralph A. Brusca           

   irc #discus  A place to chat about discus fish.
       Sunday nights at 8:00 pm EST on EfNet 


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