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  1. Fishy GIF: ftp sites
    by (17 Aug 92)
    by (Jack Honeycutt) (2 Jan 93)
  3. Fish Gifs
    by (David Patton) (Tue, 19 Jan 1993)
  4. Fishy GIF's at wuarchives; listing.
    by (Albrecht Jander) (29 Jun 93)

Fishy GIF: ftp sites

Date: 17 Aug 92

To those who asked me for the sites. Username to the sites is
anonymous (  ( (

Feel free to correct or add to the list
Thanks to all who contribute to the list.

                                                 from Lim  --- the fish nut

US Postal Address: Computer Center, University of Kansas, 
                   Lawrence, KS 66044           
Internet Address:
Bitnet Address:    lim-at-ukanvax.bitnet



by (Jack Honeycutt)
Date: 2 Jan 93

Hello Howard!

02 Jan 93, Howard Rebel writes to All:

 HR> Your article's text didn't post.

Yea, I was looking at that too Howard.  Wish he would have.  I love to talk

My ponds up here in Portland Oregon are all covered with snow.  I did bring in
some marsh maragolds and they are in a bucket under a plant light.  Don't look
to well.

I spend all my time in the winter as the SYSOP of The Garden Pond BBS, a BBS
for people with back yard ponds.  I am a member of the International Water
Lily Society and The Aquatic Gardeners Association.

Any other IWLS members out there??

I have pond files and a pond message area.  Just got some high-res 16.8
million color, 1024 X 768, 400DPI pond .gif's.  A friend of mine made them for
me. Callers at 2400 can spend 1/2 hr down loading one .gif file!  But, if you
can call in at 14.4K (v.32 bis) you can grab one in about 4 minutes.

All are welcome at The 'Pond (a free BBS). 1-(503) 735-3074, Fido 1:105/52.


Fish Gifs

by (David Patton)
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1993

From: (Anthony Tse)
Subject: more reef GIF
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1993 20:01:58 GMT

    More gifs are added to the archives.

        under reefkeepers/tse/Jun14*.*
        under reefkeepers/tse/carl_hillsman/*.*

        under Reef/GIF/Anthony_Tse/Junset/*.*
        under Reef/GIF/Carl_Hillsman/*.*

Carl's tank is one of the nicest I've seen, check it out.


Fishy GIF's at wuarchives; listing.

by (Albrecht Jander)
Date: 29 Jun 93

Hi, fishy folks,

  I was just browsing through wuarchives, and I came up with a listing 
of all of the .GIF images which contain fish (at least in the title).

  You can get these via anonymous FTP from  They
are in the directory graphics/gif/*.  Have fun!  Caution: some are duplicates.

6_barred        A 6-barred fish                 512x396 C220    Animals
aquagirl        Graphic girl and fish           640x350 C13     Graphics
buffhead        Two Buffhead fish               620x462 C118    Animals
butterfly_fis*  Butterfly fish                  1024x864 C241   Animals
clnfsh          Several fish                    640x480 C206    Animals
coachman        Coachman fish                   444x330 C214    Animals
collaris        Collaris fish                   452x342 C75     Animals
cyaneus         A Cyaneus fish                  408x290 C243    Animals
dragoneye       Two dragoneye fish              584x506 C139    Animals
efish           Interlinked fish                640x674 B2      Art
emporer         An Emporer fish                 436x236 C225    Animals
fish            Two multicolored fish           320x200 C254    Animals
fish33          Ray-traced fish and stairs      640x480 C249    Graphics
fishy           Two tropical fish               640x400 C256    Animals
fishy2          Fish in a net                   1024x768 C256   Animals
fringetail      Fringetail fish                 636x420 C119    Animals
lionfish        A lionfish                      516x544 C222    Animals
longnose        A longnose fish                 488x324 C235    Animals
mandarin        A mandarin fish                 504x402 C208    Animals
openingday      Opening day, fishing season     900x322 B31     Misc
oranda          Redheaded fish                  572x462 C129    Animals
polka           Polka-dotted fish               444x312 C243    Animals
queenangel      Queen Angel fish                552x366 C213    Animals
roundfish       Computerized round fish         320x200 C32     Graphics,Animals
starfish        Starfish fractal                800x600 C105    Fractals
surgeon         Surgeon fish                    488x284 C229    Animals
swim1a          Two swimming fish               640x400 C255    Animals
tigerhead       Tigerhead fish                  572x462 C129    Animals
                        Peltier was a cool dude!!

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