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  1. update for some Krib data
    by (Thu, 08 Feb 96)

update for some Krib data

Date: Thu, 08 Feb 96

Subject: update for some Krib data

Erik -

I think the Krib, and its integration with the Caltech *.aquaria web
pages is great. I wanted to offer you some updated information for
my current interest: goldfish.

In the Krib, in "Organizations", you have outdated data for the
goldfish mailing list:           - The list itself   - Subscribe/unsubscribe requests - Same, for digest format                   - The list maintainer

And you might consider adding the "Goldfish Society of America" (GFSA)
to the organizations list. The current membership chair is James Ketchum
( The GFSA has a monthly publication, an annual
convention, and a number of other activities.


- Russ

CC to Jim Ketchum & John Aseltine

                                            Russ W. Taylor, MS 120/023
                                      Loral Federal Systems - Manassas
                                                        (703) 367-5297

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