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  1. Which fish I dare ask?... is best?
    by (Chris1263) (14 Nov 1994)

Which fish I dare ask?... is best?

by (Chris1263)
Date: 14 Nov 1994
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria

In article <>, (Todd M.
Zebert) writes:

>I'm thinking of getting a subscription to a aquarium magazine for
>freshwater (although Im thinking about a marine tank too) and have
>checked out a couple issues of a couple of them, but am asking for

It depends on at what level you're entering the hobby.
FRESHWATER AND MARINE AQUARIA (FAMA) is for the most advanced aquarists.
Its articles presuppose you have a basic understanding of water chemistry,
filtration, lighting, etc. There's lots of useful information, but you'll
have to search hard to dig it out. Major flaw: it's poorly designed,
crowded with ads and difficult to read.
AQUARIUM FISH MAGAZINE (AFM) is written more for the beginner and as such
is the most readable of the big four magazines. Advanced aquarists may
tire quickly of reading the same basic info over and over, but I know of
no one who can't use a refresher course every now and then. If you're
investigating niches of the hobby--e.g., reefs, African cichlids, ponds,
killies, etc.--this is the place for solid introductory info.
PRACTICAL FISHKEEPING (PF) is a British publication, and like all things
British it has a different style and pace. Very colorful, well-designed,
kind of the "People" of aquarium mags. The DIY projects and equipment
reviews (which you don't get in the other 3 magazines) alone make PF worth
TROPICAL FISH HOBBYIST (TFH) is the oldest of the aquarium pubs, and
still, I think, the best. It has the advantage of being a publishing giant
with the ability to attract the best writers and best photographers. Even
professional ichthyologists frequently publish papers in it. Every aspect
of the hobby is covered, including herps. TFH is an excellent combination
of advanced and basic, with the vividness of a  natural history magazine.

My opinions,
Christopher Scharpf
Baltimore, MD

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