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Water Garden Supplies

     This is a listing of major water garden supply mail order
businesses.  As this list was generated in the U.S., most are from
here, but some from the UK are also included.  I hope to expand
this list to include all countries.  If you are a mail order water
garden supply business, and you would like to be included in this
listing, send me your catalog and I will include you in the next

     If you are a water garden supply user, and you know of a mail
order water garden supply business, send me some information on it
and I will check it out.

     This listing is current as of June 1st 1992 and is version
Number 1.1.   This list is maintained by The Garden Pond BBS in
Portland Oregon 1-(503)-735-3074.  Fido address 1:105/52. 


               Bee Fork Water Gardens
               P.O. Box 440037
               Brentwood, MO 63144-0437
               (314) 781-1004 FAX
               (314) 962-1583 Answering Service
               Notes:  Out in the boondocks so you may not be able
               to call them.  Low prices, small, free, catalogue. 

               Lilyponds Water Gardens
               6800 Lilyponds Rd.
               P.O. Box 10
               Buckeystown, Maryland 21717-0010
               (800) 999-5459 Orders
               (800) 879-5459 FAX

               Notes:  If you are new to water gardening, or if you

               don't want to shop around, then get this catalog.  
               Lilyponds is a major player in water lilies and    
               ponds.  They also have a Texas branch at (800)-
               765-5459 and a Calif branch at (800)-365-5459.     
               Catalog, $5.00

               Paradise Water Gardens
               14 May St.
               Whitman, Mass. 02382
               (617) 447-4711
               (617) 447-8595
               (617) 447-4591 FAX
               Notes:  When I was traveling to Boston, I found it 
               was only a short drive to Paradise Water Gardens
               where I was greeted by friendly, knowledgeable     
               folks.  Catalog free.

               The Pond Doctor
               HCR 65, BOX 265
               Kingston, AR 72742
               (501) 665-2232 (Eves)
               Notes:  A life member of The International Water   
               Lily Society, The Pond Doctor has filters, Koi,    
               books, bog plants and other pond supplies.  A small, 
               free catalog.

               Scherer & Sons
               104 Waterside Rd.
               Northport, NY 11768
               (516) 261-7432
               Notes:  Small free catalog, but full of the major  
               supplies for the water gardener.  They claim to be 
                the largest growers of aquatic plants in the USA.

               Slocum Water Gardens
               1101 Cypress Garden Blvd.
               Winter Haven, Florida 33880-6099
               (941) 293-7151
               Notes: The place to go for Lotus.  Good catalog    
               ($3.00), fair prices.

               Van Ness Water Gardens
               2460 N. Euclid Ave.
               Upland , Calif. 91786-1199
               (714) 982-2454 Orders
               (714) 949-7217 FAX
               Notes:  When in the L.A. area of Calif., do try to
               stop by to see the many ponds.  Prices are a bit   
               high (catalog $6.00), but they do have what you    

               Wateford Gardens
               74 East Allendale Rd.
               Saddle River, N.J. 07458
               (201)-327-0684 FAX
               Notes:  A bit high priced, but full featured (they 
               even have Topiary animals!), Catalog, $5.00.  They 
               have the best catalog covers every year......

               The Water Works
               111 E. Fairmount Street
               Coopersburg, Pa. 18036
               (215) 282-4784
               Notes:  Small catalog, but friendly people, many   
               plants.  Catalog $2.00

               Wickleins Water Garden
               1820 Cromwell Bridge Rd.
               Baltimore, Md. 21234
               (301) 823-1335
               Notes:  Small catalog with plants, pumps, filters, 
               liners and everything one may need for a water     
               garden.  Near Baltimore. Catalog $2.00

               William Tricker Inc.
               7125 Tanglewood Dr.
               Independence, Ohio 44131
               (216) 524-3491
               (216) 524-6688
               Notes: This is the only water garden mail order    
               place I had trouble with.  Maybe they have changed 
               there ways, but order with caution.  Low prices,   
               many bog plants, Catalog free.


               Stapeley Water Gardens
               Stapeley, Nantwich
               Cheshire, CW5 7LH
               (44) 0270-628111 Mail order
               (44) 0270-628757 24 hour order service
               (44) 0270-624919 FAX
               Notes: One of the largest water garden supply houses

               in the U.K.  They will ship to the U.S. but        
               "Carriage" will be extra.  Good catalog. 

               Wildwoods Water Gardens
               Theobalds Park Rd.
               Enfield Middlesex EN2 9BW
               (44) 01-366-0243
               Notes:  They may not ship to the U.S. but for the  
               UK, this is a catalog to get.


               Moore Water Gardens
               Port Stanley, Ontario
                   NOL 2AO
              (519) 782-4052
              Notes:  Water Gardeners in the USA may want to work 
              with a US water garden supply house as customs can be 
              a problem for live plants.  They do have pumps,     
              filters, books and other supplies which can ship    
              across the border.  Free catalog.   
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