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Algae Images

Here are a few video image transfers, taken through a microscope, of algae from some of my tanks.
Red Brush Algae.
Though not always red, this tenacious and annoying breed seems impossible to eradicate without magic algae-eating fish. In this sample, you can clearly see the individual cells in a strand!
Some blue-green algae from a big mat of the stuff.
Cyanophyta (close-up)
This is a closer view than the above image, so you can see the individual cells as "ribs" on each strand.
Java Moss
Okay, it's not algae, but it was interesting under the scope.
Mess of Algae
This sample was taken from the side of a badly-maintained goldfish tank. The rectangular "triscuit" shapes are brown algae (diatoms?), and the rest is a combination of green and blue-green algae.

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