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Aquatic Plants

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This section concerns itself with all facets of keeping aquatic plants.

Beginner? Confused by all the information here? Read the FAQ first! It presents introductions to much of the material housed here on the Krib, including a plant question and answer section, and descriptions of most common plants.

Major Topics

General info on plants themselves, species descriptions and photos, biotopes, aquascaping, care, etc.
Descriptions, pictures, and prevention!
Plant People
Lots of anecdotal information for the would-be aquatic gardener, photos of tanks, and links to other peoples' personal sites. Descriptions of many different tank setups.
Technical Gadgetry
Articles on cable heating, lighting, and other tech.
substrate, water additives, macronutrients, trace elements, etc.
CO2 fertilization, pH, alkalinity
DIY articles, charts, explanations, why even bother, etc.

Introductory and Miscellaneous Information

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