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Potassium Permangenate


  1. Where to get Potassium Permangenate
    by (Jim Hurley) (Wed, 3 Feb 93)
  2. Permanganate Qs! HELP
    by (Warren I. Schaeffer) (Wed, 6 Jul 1994)
  3. Error in article (possible hazard)
  4. BBA all over...HELP !!
    by Raj <ggrk/> (Sun, 10 Jan 1999)

Where to get Potassium Permangenate

by (Jim Hurley)
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93

I've never seen it in pet store or mail order ads. I got
some from a local chemical supplier.

Be careful with it and use gloves - it will stain your skin.

If you use it for dips, a few tiny crystals in a gallon of
water are all you need to make the water pinkish.

Some plants, like Valisneria, are sensitive to it.
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Permanganate Qs! HELP

by (Warren I. Schaeffer)
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 1994
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria

From article <2ul37g$>, by (Magnfcent7):
> I need some answers to some questions about the chemical
> permanganate. Several of my customers have asked me to carry it, but
> I'm not gonna carry something I don't know about. What are the uses
> of permanganate? I have variously heard that it can neutralize
> ammonia, that it is toxic in large amounts, does it kill parasites,
> does it add oxygen to the water, does it have any adverse effects on
> invertebrates with or without exoskeletons? Any other info will be
> EXTREMELY appreciated. Either post here or E-mail me. THANK YOU THANK

Dear Magnf,
I saw your message yesterday (7/5) and, since I am new to this .newsrch 
newsgroup, I thought I could kill two birds with one stone.  First, I 
could work through this by reading and responding to test my prowess!  
Second, I could provide some real help. So here goes the help:  I have a 
copy of a book written by one of the real "old gods" of aquaria, William 
T. Innes who, in 1952, wrote "Exotic Aquarium Fishes: A Work of General 
Reference", which for many years after that was the bible for fish 
fanciers.  I got this copy when I was a young boy for a birthday 
present.  I knew he had something authoritative to say about permangante 
and here it is from page 47:  Permanganate of Potash - Like salt, this 
drug has many uses.  Although marked "poison" by druggists, there is no 
danger in using it in moderation.  Physicians have prescribed it, in weak 
solution, as an astringent gargle, and even as a nasal douche.  Its uses 
in the aquarium remind one of the multiple claims on bottles of patent 
medicines.  At a strength of 1/8 grain-to-the-gallon" (by which, I think he 
means 125mg), "it is perfectly safe for temporarily clearing green water, 
or as a mild antiseptic in treating fungus diseases and some of the 
parasitic ones.  For the latter, or for a safe sterilizing bath, hold the 
fish in a net and dip it for a full minute into a quart of water into 
which one grain (by weight)" (one gram) "has been freshly dissolved.  
This oxydizing drug has the advantage that in the presence of organic 
matter it soon exhausts itself; and that its effects are not cumulative.  
Mild doses may be repeated, after the magenta and the following yellowish 
color disappears, without building up concentration.  Crystal 
permanganate of potash at photographic suply houses is cheap, or it may 
be had in convenient measured grain tablets from druggists."

So, you have now heard from the "god" himself!  It is really amazing how, 
in those days, forty odd years ago, you used what was available and they 
all worked.  For instance, besides permanaganate, mercurochrome and 
methylene blue were used for ich, fungus, etc.

I hope this has been of some help to you.

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Error in article (possible hazard)

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997
To: "'eriko/'" (e-mail)

In [an earlier post in this thread - Editor], a
grain is claimed to be the same as a gram. Actually, a grain is about
64.8 mg, so the article is off by a factor of 15. This may cause
problems, since the discussion is about how much potassium permanganate
to use in a fish tank.


Lyle D. Gunderson
Manager, Capsule Formulations
Nutraceutical Corporation
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BBA all over...HELP !!

by Raj <ggrk/>
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999

> Aquatic Plants Digest    Saturday, January 9 1999    Volume 03 : Number 767
> Date: Sat, 09 Jan 1999 23:36:42 MYT
> From: "Juragan Karam" <>
> Subject: BBA all over...HELP !!
> However, I plan to kill the BBA spores by using Potassium Permanganate.
> After uprooting all plants, and the filter still intact and running,
> will Potassium Permanganate kill the beneficial bacteria in the filter
> media and gravel?


Potassium permanganate will kill everything, it is a strong bleach.
- --
Here is something that APD'ers may find useful in this topic:

Potassium permanganate's potency increases when it is acidified,
add a little dilute sulphuric acid to the solution.

After you apply Potassium permanganate, you will find everything stained brown.
To remove the stain apply a solution sodium metabilsulphite, this chemical is a food
available here in grocery stores. The stain disappears like *magic*.

- --
Bangalore, South India

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