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  1. RE: How do I remove this algae from the glass?
    by "Michael Moncur" <mgm/> (Sun, 8 Apr 2001)
  2. Razor blades and glass
    by Michael Eckardt <mike/> (Mon, 16 Apr 2001)
  3. Razor Blades..again....still???PLASTIC!!
    by "fortunejd/" <fortunejd/> (19 Apr 2001)

Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1996 17:29:11 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Best Algae Scraper Ever!

I don't know about you, but my tanks are not perfect. Occaisionally I actually have to take a razor blade and scrape the glass on my show tank. The glass is 48" wide and 22" high. With one razor blade on a stick, it takes forever. SO ... this past Saturday I created a razor-blade holder that holds 6 blades edge to edge. It takes me about two minutes to clean the entire front of my tank. Describing how to make this thing in words would overload the APD so I drew pictures of it.

Basically go out and get a squeegee (the kind of thing windows washers use to swipe soap off windows) and follow the picures I have uploaded. It really works.

One last thing: You will be working with single edge razor blades. These things CUT! Use pliers to force them into position and be SUPER CAREFUL. You can really slash your fingers up big time if you are casual about making this tool.

Kind Regards,

RE: How do I remove this algae from the glass?

by "Michael Moncur" <mgm/>
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001

> From: SBarnum <>

> I have what I'm assuming is green spot algae on the glass of my tank.
> It is as hard as a rock and can't come off via scrubbing. Any other
> suggestions?

Since you said glass, I'm assuming it is actually a glass tank.

First, get a Kent Pro-Scraper. These use a hard plastic blade that does really
well. They come in various sizes; buy one of the ones with a 3" blade (At, the 24" long one is #525065, and the 35" long one is #197000.)

That will probably take care of your algae. If not, buy a stainless steel blade
(#525104, $4.39). This replaces the plastic blade in the scraper with a thin
sheet of metal, and it's *wonderful* for really hard algaes. But don't use it
on an acrylic tank.

I just discovered these metal blades and am very impressed. Buy a couple since
they look like they'll bend out of shape after a while. It made very short work
of a couple months' growth of very hard algae that even the plastic Pro-Scraper
couldn't help.

If you want a cheaper approach, a single-edged razor blade will work as well,
but it's not nearly as safe for you or your aquarium.

- --
michael moncur
"Man is the only animal that laughs and has a state legislature."
                -- Samuel Butler

Razor blades and glass

by Michael Eckardt <mike/>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001

After trying and failing with razor blades, I have been using old credit
cards to scrape glass tanks - fast, easy, 100% safe and removes everything,
even the obnoxious green spots.

Michael Eckardt

Razor Blades..again....still???PLASTIC!!

by "fortunejd/" <fortunejd/>
Date: 19 Apr 2001

For the record,I have used razor blades on glass for years(automotive
mostly,aquariums more recently)...and have never had a problem.I believe the
keys are: 1)keep the angly of attack low(ie:blade angle should be             
       between 20 to 40degrees
              2)Let the blade do the other words,you dont need      
          your entire body weight behind it :)
              3)"strokes" should always be horizontal,so that in the event
                 that you should scratch,it will be much less noticeable
              4)a box of 100 razor blades runs under $8.00Can @ Home          
           Depot,so don't be scared to change blades often!!
              5)A rusty blade will most certainly scratch the glass!!,so      
           refer to #3  
   And,for those who are too anal to risk using a steel razorblade,I recently
remembered that back in my autobody days,we used to use plastic razorblades
for decal/pinstripe removal.I called a local bodyshop supply,they are still
available...and I now have a box of 100...they set me back $7.03Can
  And another usefull tool I picked up is a squeeegeee used by professional
window tinters(I got mine @ Supertint,its a 5" wide"Blue Max"...set me back
~$5.00),it is made of a very hard rubber,I tried it on green spot
luck...but I'm sure it would work well on the softer varietys.....
...Just some ramblings...HTH somebody :)       James(Western Canada)

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