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CO2 "Cartridge" Systems


  1. C02 Delivery system
    by David Randall <> (26 Jul 95)

C02 Delivery system

by David Randall <>
Date: 26 Jul 95


 >> I was wondering if anyone out there has tried this system or heard
anything about it? The cartridges look a lot like those you would use in a
pellet gun. Supposedly each cartridge will fill the reactor six times but
 on how it works are non-existent beyond that. <<

 I called the company that was producing this or a similar system for more
details and a price.  The price as you've found out, is not very good.  You
can put together a really solid DIY system in the same price range.

 The cartridges are not the same as the ones for a pellet gun.  I was told
that those contain some sort of petroleum product as well.  They _are_ the
same as the cartridges made for seltzer machines.

 My biggest objection to the system is adding all those little disposable
cartridges to a land fill when a better refillable system can be put together
for close to the same price.

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 25-Jul-1995

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