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    by David Randall <> (01 May 95)

Plant Stuff

by David Randall <>
Date: 01 May 95

 Subject: CO2 refills

 I just had an irritating experience I thought I'd share. My CO2 tank on one
of my aquariums has been running for over 10 months, and I knew I was getting
close to needing a refill.  But there was still some pressure in the tank, and
I was still getting bubbles, so I was just keeping my eye on it.

 I noticed the pH starting to drift upward, so I kept adjusting my bubble
count up to keep it where I wanted. The plants were also sort of lagging
during this period. I should have realized that wasn't right, but I was busy,
and just didn't make the connection.  I recently got the tank refilled, and
things are doing much better.

 When I noticed that, I started asking around, and was told that there are
different "grades" of CO2.  Apparently, the last time I had the tank filled
(at a different place than I usually use) they used a lower grade of CO2 which
contained contaminants.  While I was getting some kind of gas out of the tank
toward the end, heaven only knows what it was.  It probably didn't have a ton
of CO2 left in it anymore.

 From what I was told, you want to specify the grade of CO2 used for human

 Hope this saves someone else a down-turn in their tank!

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 01-May-1995

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