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Soda Water as CO2 Source


  1. [F] CO2 - "mineral water"
    by hardjono.harjadi-at-Eng.Sun.COM (Hardjono Harjadi) (30 Jan 1995)
  2. CO2 from Club Soda????
    by Alan Silver <alan/> (Mon, 10 Nov 1997)

[F] CO2 - "mineral water"

by hardjono.harjadi-at-Eng.Sun.COM (Hardjono Harjadi)
Date: 30 Jan 1995
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria,alt.aquaria

One more reason AGAINST the use of mineral water is mentioned in "The Optimum
Aquarium" book by  Horst & Kipper, page 84:

"Furthermore, the concentration of salts which are present in greater or
lesser quantities in mineral waters, have an uncontrolled negative effect on
aquarium water."

In other words, mineral waters also contain salts (not just NaCl) besides 
just water and CO2. These salts might affect the aquarium water quality.


In article, (e-mail) (Erik Olson) writes:
> (Anne Hull Seales) writes:
>The reason you shouldn't use carbonated water to do top-ups is that
>  a) it's expensive
>  b) you need to be supplying a CONTINUOUS source of CO2, not suddenly raising
>it once every few days.  You'll stress the fish enormously as the ph rapidly
>drops, and if they're not dead then, they'll stress as it jumps right back
>in a few hours when the CO2 dissipates.  This is compounded by it being
>a small tank, which will not resist changes.
>  c) I wonder if mineral water, once the CO2 is gone, doesn't have a very
>high KH?  Might be interesting to let a sample go flat & test it.
>I would guess you COULD use such a system, but you'd have to be adding seltzer
>water to the tank at least several times a day.  I am curious how Amano did
>it (he give a little detail in his book, but not much more than "many thousands
>of bottles later...").

CO2 from Club Soda????

by Alan Silver <alan/>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants

Neil Douglas <> wrote ...
>I was wondering if you can use club soda or other carbonated waters
>unflavoured of course.
>Neil Douglas

Not recommending this, but thought you might be interested in the
following story told to me by a long-time aquarist. It seems that the
benefits of adding CO2 to a plant tank have been known for years and
people have always searched for cheaper ways of doing it. This fellow
told me that he used to buy a soda syphon (which used to be used many
years ago for producing tonic water) and squirt it straight into the
tank. He emptied a full canister at once and saw his pH drop quickly. He
said that he got excellent plant growth !!

He was quick to point out that he wouldn't do this nowadays as you can
achieve the same effect cheaply with yeast.


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