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  1. Scientific name for 'Dwarf Sagittaria'..
    by Watford28/ (Sat, 15 May 1999)

Scientific name for 'Dwarf Sagittaria'..

by Watford28/
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999

Colin asked about the scientific name for 'Dwarf Sagittaria'

Sagittaria subulata is common and widespread in South and North America. It 
is a modest plant and therefore a good starter plant, though it prefers a 
relatively fine substrate. The narrow leaves it placed in a rosette and 
tubers are sometime set on the offshoots. Placed in the foreground it soon 
develops a dense cover from offshoots. For years Sagittaria subulata 
maintains its low growth form but dependent on for example age, light 
intensity and population density it suddenly stretches up to a height of 50 
cm and sets flowers. Such plants are often mistaken for Vallisneria. 
Replanted in the background of the aquarium Sagittaria subulata often turns 
back into the low growth form. 

Family                         Alismataceae 
Part of the world      America 
Height                         10-30 cm 
Width                          10-15 cm 
Light requirements  high-low 
Temperature              12-26oC 
Hardness tolerance  soft-average 
pH tolerance acid     neutral 
Easiness                      easy 

Most useful as a submersed grass in aquariums and as an oxygenator in ponds. 
Ribbon shaped leaves grow up to 12" long and 3/8" wide. Plant reproduces by 
runners and can form dense colonies which become dense enough to stabilize 
soil in ponds. In shallow water small, dark green, ovate leaves with small 
brown speckles are produces. Small, white flowers float on the water's 
surface or are held slightly above it.

I hope this helps, James

James Watford
Columbia, SC

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