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  1. Spathiphyllum
    by Steve Pushak <teban/> (Tue, 27 Apr 1999)
  2. Spathiphyllum
    by "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill/> (Wed, 19 May 1999)


by Steve Pushak <teban/>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999

Despite being one of the slowest growing plants in my aquarium, I have
kept two specimens of Spathiphyllum alive and growing completely
submerged for several years. Perhaps they would not survive under lower
light and without CO2 injection; I don't know.



by "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill/>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999

> Greetings everyone. A petshop gave me a Spathiphyllum sp. without roots.
> The plant itself still looks good. Any chance of it surviving, and what
> would be the best way to promote root growth if possible?

The only Spathyphyllum I know of that is sold in the hobby is reputedly
not a good aquarium plant.  I've kept them under water for some time, but
they don't grow and certainly don't thrive.  I seem to recall Steve
Pushak writing that he had one (or more?) underwater for a long time, but
I don't recall if they grew well or not.

In my experience, Spathiphyllum grow best with their roots in water and
their leaves out.  I had them planted in a tank with a substrate of
gravel+sand+potting soil+peat, a water depth of about 1 inch and with
contant circulation through the substrate.  The plants grew quickly,
bloomed nearly constantly and spun off numerous smaller plants.

Second most dependable setup was to plant them in a flower pot with
regular potting soil, and don't let the soil dry out.  The plant usually
will withstand some drying but since your plant has no roots I wouldn't
let it dry out for a while.

I have a beautiful potted Spathiphyllum in my office that descended from a
plant I bought in an aquarium shop, kept in emersed culture for a while,
then potted.  It flowered all winter and was a pleasure to have.

At any rate, under water is probably not the best way to get it to grow.

Roger Miller

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