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Veronica sp.


  1. Veronica
    by Thomas Barr <tcbiii/> (Sun, 04 Feb 2001)
  2. Veronica
    by Cavan <millsman7/> (Sun, 4 Feb 2001)


by Thomas Barr <tcbiii/>
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001

> Having finally seen the Veronica you frequently mention, I just gotta ask:
> What distinguishes Veronica from, say, Bacopa caroliniana?

It's much "softer", perhaps more like Hygro. polysperma and Ammannia cross.
In lower lighting it behaves like a vertical growing H polysperma with a
very bright green color. Some purplish colors can appear in higher light.
It's a fast growing plant. More symmetric than H polysperma, more pronouced
> Does it remain
> green under intense light where Bacopa goes copper? A slightly narrower,
> less "fleshy" leaf?

Yes on both. The leaf varies somewhat in shape from a spoonbill to a H
polysperma type leaf. Can get somewhat purplish but under lower lighting
does not. Seems like it would make a very nice addition to planted tanks.
> Or does it vary more significantly in the emergent state?...

Most would not even know it is the same plant in the emergent state.
Botanist included. I'm sure I passed by it a bunch before I saw it under
water. Of course when I see something under water and doing well, my radar
goes off the scale.

I'll post some more photo's of some Gratiola and another of the Veronica
more at home in lower lighting.
Tom Barr
> -Y-


by Cavan <millsman7/>
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001

Veronica anagillis-aquatica gets a bit reddish under
my power compact.  It looks a bit like polysperma, but
has some very small teeth on the leaf edges.  The
leaves are not at all fleshy.  It grows very quickly. 
I hope this helps some, Cavan.

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