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  1. Trapa natans/the Edible Aquarium
    by (Kevin Lim) (Sun, 18 Feb 1996)

Trapa natans/the Edible Aquarium

by (Kevin Lim)
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996

Hi Karen,

I doubt if this is much use to you, but here it is: I kept some Water
Chestnut (didn't know they were called Trapa natans till this subject came
out on Aquatic-Plants) a couple of years back, before I got really
interested in planted tanks. I was just curious as to its growth habits, so
I popped a few corms into a small betta tank.

The growth was fantastic. Dense, long tubular leaves just shot out of the
tank and grew and grew. I had to cut leaves when they reached about 2 feet
cause I had no space. There was also intense root growth both in the water
and in the substrate, though I did not notice the differentiation of
chlorophyll on the upper roots and lower ones. Although I did not cultivate
the plants seriously and disposed of them when they started to overcrowd my
betta (who loved just sitting in the leaf forest), my observation were quite
in line with the info on T. natans posted some issues back.

Well as to "The Edible Aquarium" 1st Edition, here's what I can tell you:
Water Chestnut (Trapa natans corms) taste great! They taste a little like
juicy coconut, crunchy and aromatic. It's used around here (Singapore) for
cooking mainly, but I like to eat it as a snack. Just peel of the skin,
place the white flesh in the fridge, and consume when chilled!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone,
wishing you prosperity, longevity, health and things like that!

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