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  1. Plant reference books
    by George Booth <booth/> (Mon, 25 Jan 1999)

Plant reference books

by George Booth <booth/>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999

A question was recently asked about the growing conditions for a plant as
stated in a plant reference book. 

I would take this information (from any printed source) with a grain of
salt. From my experience, it seems most authors have not provided optimum
conditions for the plants they write about or they are simply repeating
what some other author has said. Most of the "max sizes" and "requirements"
in the books don't seem to apply to a Dupla setup. Almost all my plants
grow much larger than the max sizes in most references. "Difficult" plants
are easy. "Easy" plants are simply unattractive weeds. 

My recommendation is to try any plant you can find to see how it likes your
conditions. You may be very surprised. 
George Booth, Ft. Collins, Colorado

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