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  1. [F] plant questions
    by (Dan Resler) (Fri, 1 Jul 1994)
  2. Mail Order Plants, anyone?
    by (Jack D OLeary) (Sun, 13 Nov 1994)
  3. plants: green nymphaea lotus?
    by (Kenneth J McNeil) (Wed, 14 Dec 1994)
  4. Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #56
    by (Sun, 7 May 95)
  5. RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #57
    by "KatzW" <> (7 May 1995)
  6. Mail Order Plants
    by "Jamil Zainasheff" <> (18 May 1995)
  7. Mailorder Plants
    by Ghazanfar Khan Ghori <> (Tue, 23 May 1995)
  8. Tropica plants
    by George Booth <> (Wed, 07 Jun 1995)
  9. Trace element supplementation
    by David Randall <> (09 Jun 95)
  10. Trace element supplementation
    by George Booth <> (Mon, 12 Jun 1995)
  11. Albany Aquarium
    by (Dave Gomberg) (Tue, 11 Jul 95)
  12. Natural Aqaurium & Terrarium Mail Order
    by Cathy Engel <> (Mon, 21 Aug 1995)
  13. New Plants!
    by WebServices <> (Sat, 15 Feb 1997)
  14. Bad service from the Aquatic Greenhouse
    by "Sanders, Gary" <> (Mon, 14 Apr 1997)
  15. not impressed with Aquatic Greenhouse
    by "Roger & Cheri Caldwell" <> (Thu, 17 Apr 1997)
  16. Aquatic Greenhouse
    by Linda Bergh <> (Thu, 17 Apr 1997)
  17. Re:Mail Order Plants & Satisfaction
    by "Jim Spencer" <> (Sat, 17 May 1997)
  18. Aquarium Driftwood
    by sealaw/ (Macon Cowles) (Sat, 22 Mar 1997)
  19. Aquatic Greenhouse :)
    by Chris <bg18230/> (Wed, 05 Nov 1997)
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    by llopis/ (Noel Llopis) (Thu, 04 Dec 1997)
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    by tayers/ (Tue, 28 Jul 98)
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    by Jennifer Glover <jglover/> (Tue, 12 Jan 1999)
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    by "Robert H" <robertpaulh/> (Tue, 2 May 2000)

[F] plant questions

by (Dan Resler)
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 1994
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria (Bob Hoesch) writes:

>Jack: I've ordered plants from Delaware Aq several times and found
>his service 
>and his quality pretty good. 

Service good - yes. Quality good - no. I would rate it fair to poor.
Two days ago what will probably be my last order from Delaware
Aquatics (DA) arrived; once again, lots of brown stuff with some even
bordering on mush. At least this is true of their *bunch* plants; I've
found their Anubias to be of good quality.

The problem with DA is that Mike has very little control over quality,
as I understand it. He gets much of his stuff directly from suppliers
then sends it on to you with it spending very little time in his
tanks/vats. So whatever quality he gets = the quality you get.

>in the next shipment.  The Rotala is now regenerating slowly and looks really 

If you've got a good set-up where plants do well, go ahead and order
from DA and just put up with the quality knowing that they'll come
around in your tank after a few days/weeks. At least that's what I've
done in the past.

>Some Echinodorus cordifolius looked pretty crumby also, but they 

I've gotten some pretty bad Echinodorus sp. from him as well.

>One extremely 
>annoying thing is that his answering machine doesn't take messages, so you 
>have to just keep trying.

If you call in the evenings when he's home you won't get an answering
machine but you had better let it ring and ring and ring and ring and
ring ... for some reason he doesn't get to the phone right away, but
someone usually answers if you let it ring forever. 

>But his plant business is a sideline that has 
>gotten out of control, so I guess we have to be empathetic.

Why? We *pay* for a product, and if that product is inferior, why
should we continue to buy from him?

Mike works during the day at his `real' job being a chemist.

>  I like him.

So do I. He's quite friendly and free with (usually) helpful advice.

Now, if you want plants of excellent quality and aren't afraid to pay
just a bit more for them, try Jay Miller at Aquarium Driftwood (P.O.
Box 91491, Mobile, Alabama 36691, phone 205-639-0703). He won't send
anything out the door that isn't of very good quality, and most of his
stuff spends a considerable amount of time in his own vats before he's
sure it is good enough to sell. The only drawback is that he has a
limited selection available (because he has limited space to put the
stuff when it comes in). 

I have gotten some large Echinodorus bleheri and Aponogeton
boivinianus from him that were beyond good - they were stunning.

(Please note that I have no formal connection with Jay's business -
I'm just a satisfied customer).


Mail Order Plants, anyone?

by (Jack D OLeary)
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 1994
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria

From: Bill Stonecypher <>
Newsgroups: alt.aquaria
Subject: Re: Mail Order Plants, anyone?
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 94 19:36:50 -0500
Organization: Delphi ( email, 800-695-4005 voice)
Lines: 6
Message-ID: <>
References: <39kfvg$>
X-To: A Aronson <>

Try;   Myer's Plant Nursery
       PO Box 371
       Lithia,  Florida

plants: green nymphaea lotus?

by (Kenneth J McNeil)
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria writes:

>I have a nice red Nympheae Lotus in my tank.  In Baensch's "Aquarium Atlas"
>there is a picture of a green one.  Does anyone have one, or know of a mail
>order source for them?

I don't have any, but Bay Area Aquatic Plants has them listed in their 

"NYMPHAEA LOTUS - TIGER LOTUS  Let us choose either the red or green 
variety, whichever is healthiest. Unequaled - not even by similar 
Nymphaea stellata.  A consistent favorite.  To use as an accent plant, 
pinch back floating leaves before they reach the surface."

	Bay Area Aquarium Plant Co.
	[Ed, 9/95: they have gone out of business]


Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #56

Date: Sun, 7 May 95

>       I dont knwo if Im the only one but 'That Fish Place' dissed
>       me real bad. I ordered about 35 dollars worth of plants
>       from them about 4 weeks ago. I got them yesterday...2 weeks
>       late..was starting a new tank for a friend....2 weeks...
>       aaaaarrrrggggghhhhh!
>       Its dont end there....I didnt get all the plants I ordered..
>       though I did get billed for all of them...the
>       hygro polysperma was terrible! I have thrown out better stuff than
>       the hygro polysperma they sent me.
>       Looked like it had been in some dark tank for about 3 weeks
>       or sumthing.
>       The Corkscrew Val was all yellow with only 2-3 leaves and
>       almost no roots.
>       Java moss was fine...crypt was fine...
>       Im gonna call them up on Monday and complain.
>       Anyone know where I can get good plants?
>       I hurd there wassumthing in number???

Just to let you know, that in my one & only order from That Fish Place, my
plants looked pretty straggley too (they arrived within a week though) &
I was missing some, but they were excellent in customer service & removing
charges on the ones I didn't recieve.  The plants ended up being very hardy
& survived & flourished.  So my advice is go ahead & plant them all, you
should see some growth pretty soon & definetely call & tell them about the
ones that were missing.

I've never tried other mailorder places so I can't compare, sorry.


RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #57

by "KatzW" <>
Date: 7 May 1995

>>      Anyone know where I can get good plants?
>>      I hurd there wassumthing in number???
>Just to let you know, that in my one & only order from That Fish Place, my
>plants looked pretty straggley too (they arrived within a week though) &
>I was missing some, but they were excellent in customer service & removing
>charges on the ones I didn't recieve.  The plants ended up being very hardy
>& survived & flourished.  So my advice is go ahead & plant them all, you
>should see some growth pretty soon & definetely call & tell them about the
>ones that were missing.

I ordered plants a few years ago from Delaware Aquatic Imports and some
looked great on arrival, others looked pretty crummy, but they all started
growing wonderfully right away.  I would buy from him again (& plan to after
I move this fall).


Mail Order Plants

by "Jamil Zainasheff" <>
Date: 18 May 1995

        Reply to:   RE>Mail Order Plants

Ghazanfar Khan Ghori wrote:
>I have limited experiance with mailorder plants....have only
>ordered once from "That Fish Place"...not a good experiance.
>There MUST be other places I can order from...if someone
>could just point me in the right direction....Ive hurd
>stuff about Delaware Aquatics....but noone gave a number...
>Id really like to get my hands on some good plants...the 
>petstore carries good plants but only certain kinds...
>Any help would be appreciated.

I've ordered from Horizon Growers, P.O. Box 2330, Ramona, 
CA. 92065, (760)789-2983.  I was very pleased with their prices 
and their quality.  I would highly recommend them, but I'm still 
a novice when it comes to plants so take it for what it's worth.  

Mailorder Plants

by Ghazanfar Khan Ghori <>
Date: Tue, 23 May 1995

        I just ordered from "Aquarium Driftwood"...the prices are
        very a Madagascar Lace plants for 3 bucks!
        They sell only plants and driftwood...dont import the plants...
        get them from sum plants farm in Florida...and they keep
        them in their tanks till they are in good
        there is no miniumum order. Its GOT to better than
        'that fish place'! I think those who want plants should give
        this place a shot. The number is (334) 645-2323.


Tropica plants

by George Booth <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 1995

> From: [Karen] Randall <>
> Sorry, the only source I know for properly ID'd potted plants is
> Tropica, and they are not sold in the U.S.

Tropica has a franchise in California, Horizon Growers (they advertise
in TFH, I believe). 

We received an order of "assorted" plants along with the Windelov
book.  The plants weren't labeled "since you can look them up in the
book", they said.  Right.  Most of the plants were grown emersed but
adapted quickly to submersed growth.  The ad implies that the
"assortment" has anubias, crypts and others, but we received only
"others".  If you want something specific, "you have to ask for it",
they said, even though the ad says they only sell assortments.  

Good quality plants, though, even though they weren't ID'd. 


Trace element supplementation

by David Randall <>
Date: 09 Jun 95

 Horizon has the right to use Tropica's system of growing hydroponic plants,
and under some conditions to use the Tropica name, but Tropica has no direct
control over the practices of Horizon Growers.  As you noticed, they use
neither Tropica pots nor Tropica care and identification labels.

 >> we received only "others".  If you want something specific, "you have to
ask for it" <<

 It's nice to know that you _can_ ask for specific plants... the last thing
I'd want is 12 "assorted plants", particularly from a company which foists so
many non-aquatic plants off on the unsuspecting public.

 They may say that these plants are meant for terrarium use, but if the plants
are not identified, come without care instructions, and are found submerged in
pet store tanks, it's hard to blame beginners for being taken in.

 >> Good quality plants, though, even though they weren't ID'd. <<

 I'm glad to hear that you had a good experience with their plants.  I've
heard from a number of people who were less satisfied.

 Sorry if I sound negative, but I have a problem with a company that suggests
that their plants come with their own ? month food supply.  Sure.  And just
watch what happens to the phosphate level in the tank when the unsuspecting
purchaser puts the plant and pot into their tank.

 Claus Christensen of Tropica specifically says that the purpose of the pots
and rockwool are to serve as a growing medium and as protection for the plants
during shipment. The plants should be removed from the pots and rockwool
before being placed in the aquarium.

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 08-Jun-1995

Trace element supplementation

by George Booth <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 1995

> From: Karen Randall <>
> Horizon has the right to use Tropica's system of growing hydroponic
> plants, and under some conditions to use the Tropica name, but Tropica
> has no direct control over the practices of Horizon Growers.  As you
> noticed, they use neither Tropica pots nor Tropica care and
> identification labels.

I've never seen the Tropica stuff so I didn't know Horizon was second
rate (at best).  We were generally underwhelmed with the plants and
now I see why.  


Albany Aquarium

by (Dave Gomberg)
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 95

What I did this summer, or My Field Trip to Albany Aquarium

Yesterday George Booth suggested, when I asked if he had any ideas
where I might find Farowellas, that I try Albany Aquarium.  It just
so happened that my partner was due for a trip to the East Bay that
very day, so I asked if she would like a chauffeur.  While she
attended her meeting, I went to Albany Aquarium.

It turns out to be the same place I bought most of my fish when I
first got into killies and cichlids.  At that time I lived in the
UC Berkeley married student housing in Albany.  And nearby was my
local fish store.  And son-of-a-gun, it's still open and now called
Albany Aquarium.  But the inside is greatly changed.

As you go in, you enter a room of about 20x20 feet.  On the left are
the counter and the dry goods, on the right there are new tanks, and
behind them, on a raised platform, a bank of tanks, mostly goldfish
and live bearers.  At the back of the room there is a flight of about
8 stairs up to the room behind, which is elevated.  Below it is a
private storeroom/workroom.

At the front of the upper room are about 8 plant tanks.  These tanks
have almost no fish, but a large selection of plants.  I bought some
chain swords to take home, a bunch of maybe 25 plants for $4.  They
apologized that since it was Monday, last Friday's shipment was
seriously picked over.  There were some vals and some bunch plants.

The fish tanks contained very nice fish.  Their condition was
excellent.  Many of them were unusual, there was quite a variety of
loaches.  But the downside of such nice fish was the prices, even
lowly cardinals were $5.99 EACH!  It is not a place for cheap fish. 
But the specimens are worth the look.  They had some large wild-caught
Kribs with very dark coloration for $15 or so.  And an Apistogramma,
maybe borelli.

There was a good selection of melon swords at $15-20.  There were Ap.
madagasgarensis (sp?) at $18 that were only fair to poor.  They seemed
very cooperative and like they would try to find what you needed.

When I mentioned Farowella, they showed me an unidentified cat that
had a lyre tail like Far. but the body shape of a Rhinoloricaria. 
They had a pair and had spawned them in the store!  There were 30 or
so fry in the tank.  NFS.  Shucks.

I bought a SAE to control my hair algae and the aforementioned plants.
 I would recommend a visit, but if you are serious bring lots of

The worker bees are very impressed with the contacts they have found
thru the net, but apparently the boss does not want to bother with
getting more cybernetic.  I offered to intermediate if they wished.  
If you want to know what is in their next plant order, I will ask
Friday and post to the list Friday night.    Dave

Dave Gomberg, Experimenta      San Francisco CA USA

Natural Aqaurium & Terrarium Mail Order

by Cathy Engel <>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995

I'm sure some of you on the list have seen the Natural Aquarium &
Terrarium ad in in FAMA.  Being from St. Louis I was obviously
interested when I saw a placed so near to home.  I made the 40 mile trek
out to this place and was pretty disappointed.  NO PLANTS!  They had
pond plants and some Koi but the rest of the place was your
run-o-the-mill nursery.
Well I found out they had a wholesale location where they grew all of
their aquatic plants.  Allen Sandifer and I drove out there again and
after braving a driveway that traversed a not so dry creek bed, we found
PLANTS!  Beautiful plants at that.  They were all being grown in their
rockwool filled plastic pots with barely the bottom of the pot touching
water.  I guess you classify this as emersed? :)
As we browsed we found out to our suprise that the sprinkler system was
set to go off about every five minutes.  Which was probably good because
it was HOT!  We're talking Africa hot.  It must have been 120 degrees in
that greenhouse.
Anyway, I don't know how well they pack their plants for shipment but
the ones on the racks (and there were hundreds) all looked exceptionally
healthy and robust and since they ship 2nd day I suspect the plants
would weather the trip well.  I fully intend to purchase a stock of
their plants soon for my new 75g.  Allen came away with some form of
Hygro, a Java Fern and a copy of TOA.
I would recommend this place be added to the Plant FAQ as an excellent
mail order source for plants.  Almost all of their plants go for $2.95.
Some come in small, medium & large sizes up to $12.  The Anubias were $6
and they weren't the tiny 4 leafed specimens that I've encountered in
local pet shops.
I've seen people ask about this place place on CompuServe and I thought
I'd share our experience with the rest of you.  Try them out and let me
know what you think!  For those that have never heard of them, call them
at 1-800-423-4717 and ask for a their price list.  They carry Dupla
fertilizer supplies & equipment (at very competative mail order prices)
as well as UltraLife CO2 stuff and more...
// Michael A. Bateman                            
// Independent Networking Specialist   
// St. Louis, MO
// 314.282.3883

New Plants!

by WebServices <>
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 1997

(If you care to bypass my rambling, go down to the section with the ***)

Alright, my long-awaited shipment of plants has come in! : ) I ordered =
from Arizona Aquatic Gardens, and I am quite pleased (they're at =, or call at 1-800-942-4523). While I =
was surprised at they're methods of packing, the plants, after being in =
shipment for 3 days, were in superior condition. The plants were simply =
lined up vertically, in a big clump, and carefully folded up in wet =
newspaper. The newspaper was then just put into a big plastic bag, which =
was ty-wrapped. Here's what I got:

- - Egeria densa (Anachris)
- - Elocharis acicularis (Hairgrass)
- - Myriophyllum scabratum (Myrio, Filigree)
- - Cabomba caroliniana (Green Cabomba)
- - Cabomba pulcherima (Wild Cabomba)
- - Ceratophyllum demersum (Hornwort)
- - Vesicularia dubyana (Java Moss)
- - Cryptocorne Wendtii Green
- - Sagittaria subulata (Tall Sagittaria)
- - Hygrophilia Polysperma (Hygrophilia "Tropical Sunset")
- - Cryptocorne willisi

I am truly pleased with the plants, and especially the prices! :) The =
bunch plants were amazing! Each "bunch" was huge, easily dividable into =
2 or 3 regular bunches. All of the plants were well-established,  tooo, =
with each having impressive root systems. While I only ordered 1 =
"portion" of Java Moss, I received enough to divide into 3 separate =
clumps, and I just shoved it in little crevices in my driftwood. The =
Crypts were quite nice, too, and I got 5 extra :). This is my first time =
around with Crypts, so I'm excited to see what happens. I was truly =
impressed with the Hygro Polysperma, I ordered three bunches, so I put =
the various bunches in front of groups of background plants, adding a =
splash of color.

*** MY QUESTIONS: Any special tips? Anything to offer on these plants? =
How about the Crypts? Tips? Suggestions? Thanx!

Bad service from the Aquatic Greenhouse

by "Sanders, Gary" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997

I wanted to let anyone who is planning on ordering plants from the Aquatic 
Greenhouse (Darin Gasperson) of Tampa, Fl., to consider my complaint:


Since January of this year I have been trying to get Darin to settle the 
difference on an order placed January, 1997.  I was shorted one aponogeton 
rigidifolius and various others. Since he was out of so many of the plants I 
had ordered and had pre-paid for, he substituted cheaper plants but charged 
me the higher price of the plants I had originally ordered.

After 3 phone calls and one letter I have finally contacted the Better 
Business Bureau of Clearwater, FL., for some assistance.  Apparently Darin 
takes your order then orders these plants from his distributors.  If they 
come in, great, if not, he will substitute at his discretion.  I was 
substituted cheaper plants for a higher price.

In addition, after putting the plants I received in my tank, I experienced 
the worst outbreak of blue green algae I have ever seen.  I finally had to 
resort to antibiotics to kill it off.  I have now also experienced red algae 
which is sometimes carried in by imported plants.

The Aquatic Greenhouse may state that customer service is their priority, but 
my experience has been anything but that.  He also sells glossostigma - but 
don't bother, it's very puny, and I had to finally pitch it.

not impressed with Aquatic Greenhouse

by "Roger & Cheri Caldwell" <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997

I ordered plants from the Aquatic Green-
house and was charged a higher price
than was on the price list [lower prices had 
also been quoted on the phone].
Also I was not pleased with the substitutions. I ordered from them because
I had heard good recommendations about
that company, however I would not order from them again.

Aquatic Greenhouse

by Linda Bergh <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997

I also recently ordered quite a few plants from Aquatic Greenhouse.  For the
most part, the plants arrived in good health and are growing well.  The one
that was not healthy has been replaced.  One was unavailable  and I did not
get charged for it.

The only problem I experienced was a delay in answering phone calls or email
and I understand that other plant mail order folks have similar problems.

I haven't yet ordered plants from any one else, but I would certainly order
from the Darin and Tina Gasperson again.

Re:Mail Order Plants & Satisfaction

by "Jim Spencer" <>
Date: Sat, 17 May 1997

Living in a small town I really don't have much choice but to mail 
order plants. I ordered my plants from Arizona Aquatic 
Gardens( and was very pleased 
with the price, plants and service.  I found the people there to be 
very helpful.  The only thing I would do differently is to use next 
day UPS instead of 2 day priority mail which in my case took 5 days. 
Fortunately everything survived except for the Mexican Oak Leaf.

Aquarium Driftwood

by sealaw/ (Macon Cowles)
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997

Jeanie E. Smith writes:

Has anyone delt with or bought plants from Aquarium Driftwood?  How are
their prices?  Any reccomendations for a good mail order source for plants?

My experience:  I bought about $100 of stuff from them three weeks ago.  It
is a place in Miss or Ala where driftwood and plants are grown by a husband
and wife team.  They were very nice on the phone.  The driftwood they sent
me was dynamite.  I don't know about their prices, I am not knowledgeable
enough on that.  The plants were well wrapped and arrived in great shape.
I bought their medium display assortment, and it was plenty to plant about
70% of the bottom of a 37 gallon tank.  The rest has their driftwood in it.
They can fax you a list with a drawing of all their plants.  I could have
used the list before I ordered so i would know what the hell I was getting.

I hope everyone is enjoying the First Day of Spring.  And don't fail to
abandon your plants of an evening to see Hale Bopp in the west-northwestern

Macon Cowles
1680 Wilson Court
Boulder, CO 80304
(303) 447-1332

Aquatic Greenhouse :)

by Chris <bg18230/>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants

I know alot of people have asked in the past about a good place to
mail-order plants... well I ordered 2 hornwort, 2 hairgrass, 6 ludwigia
repens, 2 bacopa carolinia, and 6 rotala indica all of which came except
the rotala indicia which was credited back to my card in the enclosed
shipment. There is a one week waiting period (not sure why) but my order
was shipped out Monday 11/3 and got here right when I was told (11/5),
via FedEx. All were wrapped and sealed and in excellent condition.

From myself they get two thumbs up and I would recommend them to

One thing I have had trouble finding is Riccia Flutans, a beautiful
grassy looking plant. Anyone know where I can find it?


Binghamton University

Mail-Order Plants

by llopis/ (Noel Llopis)
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants

In article <>, wrote:
>On 3 Dec 1997 13:34:48 GMT, (RatDoggy) wrote:
>Several people from this newsgroup have used him and been very happy.

I've also ordered from them and I'm very satisfied. It's definitely the
way to go.


Mail Order Plants

by tayers/
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 98

I recently ordered from the following two mail-order plant businesses.

Pets Warehouse at

  Meryl is the woman in charge of plant orders. She is very courteous
  and helpful. As far as I understood Pets Warehouse does not grow any
  plants. They import everything. Their posted price list is
  an "opportunity list." They cannot always get everything, but you
  don't know that until their import order comes in. They order
  bi-weekly so it can be up to two weeks before you get your
  plants. As soon as their order comes in and they know what they have
  they sent an email telling me what I was shipped and what I
  wasn't. They will back-order anything that doesn't come in, but you
  pay for shipping again. 

  I ordered 17 species. I received 11. 6 were in excellent
  condition. Two were in fair condition. And two (H. corymbosa and
  Eustralis stellata) looked like cooked spinach. Those two plants did
  not survive.

Arizona Aquatics at

  These guys are in Tucson, AZ, and grow all their plants. I've talked
  with them on several occasions and they all seem to be good
  guys. Previous experience for APD posters has been that plants and
  service are great during the growing season and not so good during
  the winter. My growing season experience was fantastic. I called my
  order in. They then went out to their gardens to check on
  availability and called me back in about 5 minutes to tell me what
  they did and didn't have.

  They ship every Friday. Tuesday 11am Mountain Standard Time (most of
  AZ does not observe Daylight Savings Time, so AZ is on CA time right
  now) is the order cut-off. You can do these guys a big favor by
  ordering on any day other than Tuesday. On Tuesday's they are
  apparently busier than the proverbial one-legged man at a
  butt-kicking contest. ;-)

  I ordered 7 plants. They had 6 available. All plants were in
  excellent condition. For some reason, I did not receive one plant
  with my first shipment, but they sent it the next Friday. They paid
  the shipping.

In summary, I will definitely order from both these businesses

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
Tim Ayers                              
St. Paul, Minnesota
Bridge, Inc.                              

Arizona Aquatic (was:plant questions)

by IDMiamiBob/
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998

Ed writes:

> Uhm, one thing to remember is when ordering items you will not always
>  get the plant in the photo :) I would suggest to goto
>  and order from there,  they will treat you right and there's been
>  several people on the list who's ordered from them.  On my order they
>  sent me more than I bough (i.e. bought 4 cardinal roses, was shipped 5)
>  and the quality was extremely good, I have NEVER seen plants in that
>  good shape for sale.

I ordered from them last December.  Yes, the stuff Igot was in excellent shape
(what I did get), but my experience was not the same.  First, theytold me they
would ship on New Year's weekend.  It didn't show up.  When I called, they
said they never ship on holiday weekends.  The following week I recieved a
partial shipment, with a note the rest would be shipped the following week.  I
ordered a number of plants from the same genus, which I had never seen before.
None of the plants were labeled, so I'm still not sure which is which.  The
following week I did not get the balance of my order.  When I called and
talked to "Peter" about this, he was very indignant and advised me that the
cost of sending the rest of my stuff (almost 40% of the total order) was not
justified for the sake of customer satisfaction.  He explained that they don't
heat their facilities in the winter months and the growth rates were too slow
for them to meet the demand.  He also complained that it was unreasonable of
me to order only 5 red marble vals, even though no minimums were required at
the time I ordered it.  It couldn't fill the order for five, but I should have
ordered more than what he couldn't provide.  

Everyone who has ordered during the summer has very good results from Arizona
Aquatic Gardens.  During the cooler winter months, not so much.  I'll take my
business elsewhere, as the 50-75 dollar orders he gets from me are not big
enough to justify treating me like a customer.

Bob Dixon

No Tropica Plants in U.S. (yet)

by krandall/
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998

Richard Sexton wrote:

>If they're rooted in pots, they probably come from Tropica
>in Denmark. If they're unrooted, they're probably from Asian
>wholesalers. Float them in a tank till then get roots, plant
>them and they'll be fine.

If they're potted and you're in the U.S., they were grown (or at least
grown out) in this country, and are not from Tropica.  It is illegal to
bring plants into the U.S. which are not bare rooted... It's OK to pull
them out of a swamp in S.E. Asia, hose them off and import them, but you
can't bring in plants grown in rockwool under hygenic conditions in a
northern European greenhouse - go figure :-/  

Tropica plants are easy to identify anyway, because the pot actually has
the tropica trademark logo on it.  There is also a identification and care
tag included with each plant.  There are at least two companies producing
good quality potted, hydroponically grown aquarium plants in this country,
Florida Aquatic Nurseries and Gilbergs.  FAN has close to the same
selection as Tropica.  From what I've seen in the stores, Gilbergs has a
little less selection, but the plants look to be good quality.  Both
growers have emulated Tropica and include care and ID tags with each plant.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association

Good Anubias Supply in January

by Jennifer Glover <jglover/>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999

In regards to Carlos' question regarding Arizona Aquatic Garden's supply during
winter, I just ordered from them and they had everything I ordered.  They did delay
my shipment a week to make sure they had everything, but as I ordered over the
holidays, I wasn't too surprised.  They are really good about updating their web page
( and will tell you over the phone, when you order, if they
do not have any more of a plant.  I found the support staff to be really helpful and
nice, the prices were reasonable, and the plants were in incredible shape when they
came in.  I really appreciated the advice more than anything, as I was purchasing my
first batch of plants for a planted tank ever, and I had no idea how far one amazon
sword would go!  Reading in a book is one thing, but it was good to have the person
growing the plants tell you how big a plant will get.  Considering the cold weather
and flight delays between Arizona and Maryland, the condition of the plants I
recieved was incredible.  They put a heating pack with the plants so that they
wouldn't get too cold.  Just so you know, they pack the plants in wet newspaper and
then in a sealed plastic bag, which is somewhat different than some mail-order
places, I think.  Remember to order before Tuesday, 12:00 to have your plants shipped
that Friday.  

I did not order any anubias, so I don't how AAG's anubias are.  They all seem really
expensive and as this tank is just starting up, I figured a slow-growing plant like
anubias wouldn't be a wise choice.  (I am trying to avoid the dreaded algae wars)  If
everything goes well, I will slowly add more exotic and neat plants, but for now
cheap, hardy, and fast-growing sound good.  I do admit that I gave in to temptation a
little and bought something I wanted, but hey, that is part of the fun, right?  

Oh, the plants I bought:
Marsilea crenata, Echinodorus tennellus, Sagittaria sublata, Cryptocorne willisii,
Echinodorus parv. Tropica, Didiplis diandra, Valisneria spiralis (corkscrew),
Valisnerai sp. contortion, Hygrophila difformis, Hygrophila polysperma, Hygrophila
rosanerus, Dwarf Onions, Hornwort, Gymnocoronis spilanthoides, Java Fern, Echinodorus
major (ruffle sword), and an Aponogeton ulvaceus bulb.

I would have to recommend Cryptocorne willisii.  It is absolutely lovely.  The guy I
ordered from asked me if I wanted any Cryptocornes and when I hesitated, he said I
would absolutely love willisii.  He was definately right!  It is really delicate with
pinkish stems and small dark green leaves and a really good purchase.  The pictures
just don't do it justice.

Jennifer Glover
(lurker coming out of hiding, now that the tank actually has water in it)

Plants From Tropica

by krandall/
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 1999

>Last time I checked the Tropica (European Plant export company) website, it
>said that they are legally not permitted to mail their plants to me in the
>US. Is this true for lfs as well? 


>Can they order for me from Tropica?

No, not at this time.

Under U.S. law it is illegal to import plants that are not bare rooted.
This is to protect U.S. agriculture from the possible introduction of
non-native pathogens/parasites.  This is a a very real problem.
Unfortunately, the way the law is written, it not only bans plants with
soil around their roots, but ALL plants where the roots cannot be visually

The likelihood that plants produced by tissue culture and then
hydroponically in a northern European country could introduce any such
pathogen is extremely small. But the fact that Tropica plants are grown and
shipped in rockwool, with the roots hidden from view means that they are
subject to this law.  The ironic fact is that it is perfectly legal to take
plants grown in out door ponds in Singapore, hose them down to remove most
of the mud, and import _those_ into the U.S. (you can see the roots)

The good news is that we have a _very_ good aquarium plant grower in this
country, that produces _most_ of the same plants Tropica does.  That is
Florida Aquatic Nurseries.  The plants are top quality, potted and grown
hydroponically, and labeled in a fashion similar to Tropica's, with the
name of the plant and cultural information in every pot.  The trouble is
that FAN does not sell directly to stores.  They sell to wholesalers.  So
get after your LFS and get THEM to get after the wholesler.  There are good
plants out there, grown and available within the USA.  The distribution
network so far isn't there.

Oh, BTW, Tropica plants are _not_ cheap, and neither are those from FAN.
You have to be willing to pay for the much better quality you receive when
you purchase these plants.


Plant growers

by "Robert H" <robertpaulh/>
Date: Tue, 2 May 2000

Karen wrote:
>From your E-mail address, it looks like you were trying to order for a
public aquarium?  I don't know what the FAN policy is on doing business
with a public aquarium.  My understanding is that they mostly supply
wholesalers who will buy in sufficient quantity.  Talk to your local
wholesaler and see if he gets (or can get) plants from FAN.  If not, call
FAN back, and work on developing a relationship.  Even if they can't handle
your business now, if you keep at it, perhaps if they get enough requests,
they will see that it is worth expanding their business.
While it's tough to be told that a company can't handle your business, I'd
rather that they know their limits and do a good job servicing the
customers they already have, than to expand too rapidly and not service
anyone well.  Remember that if and when Tropica plants are available in
this country, they won't be found on every street corner either.
Another grower that produces a nice selection of potted plants is Gilberg's
in Missouri.  They took over the Petsmart accounts when Jirmack couldn't
handle the uneven order schedule that Petsmart insisted on.<<

Florida Aquatic Nurseries does supply most of the wholesalers here in the
USA, and wont sell to any end user. They are not taking on any new
wholesalers either as their production is all booked up. Gilberg is a small
nusery who also supplies the plant packages to Pet Warehouse, and they told
me they are not taking on any new customers. Jermack buys from FAN and
supplies independent pet stores all over the USA and Canada, as well as me
and Arizona Aquatic Gardens.  Jermack is very protective of its dealers.
There are other nurseries in florida that either import from Singapore or
buy from FAN, or both, but availability of plants at any given time is the
biggest problem, particularly if its a one time sale. Most wont do it. A
mail order house may be your best bet to work out a deal for you.

And according to what I was told, if Tropica does make it here, the selling
price will only be attractive to the most avid collector. Most of Tropicas
plants can be found here already, same species anyway.

Robert Paul H

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