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A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Aquatics

Thomas M. Sasala


1.0 Introduction

For many individuals aquariums are much more than a hobby, they are a way of life. As such, through copious amounts of time and money, we strive for the optimum living conditions for our aquatic friends. However, money and time are two resources which seem to be dwindling in modern society. Chiefly among them, money is the hot commodity which limits the quality and growth of our way of life.

When given a choice, we invariably buy the best possible equipment within the constraint of our funds. Therefore, why not invest in the best possible aquatic environment while not committing vast amounts of capital? Thus the Do-It-Yourself guide to Aquatics.

This guide will give practical designs and implementations of wet/dry filter systems, protein skimmers, lighting hoods and stands. Through personal experience and information gathered from the net.gurus, all the elements for building and operating an advanced aquatic environment on a poor man's budget will be given.

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