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Plant Fertilizer

This section contains information on macro and micro-nutrients. (CO2 is discussed elsewhere. For related information on nitrates and other chemistry, see also the general chemistry section.

Poor Man's Dosing Drops (PMDD)


Soil and Substrate Fertilizers

An introduction to substrate by Karen Randall
[LINK] Steve Pushak has a big hyper-treatise on substrates on his site.
Dr. Dave's take on the function of roots, anaerobic substrates, and the like.
An article on gravel and sand size numbers by Harold Walters
Some discussions on types of sand and gravel
Substrate is alive in the wild!
Jim Kelly did extensive chemical research on substrates (as well as several followup articles).
substrate additive discussions
An attempt at quantitative comparison of substrates leads to a heated debate on the APD.
Some great physical analysis of popular substrates (including soil, Flourite, cat litter, Turface and gravel) by Jamie Johnson seems to point out Kitty Litter being a good substrate, but doesn't spark any debate on the APD.
Some high-content discussions from APD specifically on laterite.
Schoeler Enterprises sells laterite (there has been much buzz about this with Dupla's recent drop of its North American distributor). Their website is gone, though.
Paul Krombholz describes his "Soil Soup".
Cat Litter: merit discussion, and cloudiness comparison of several brands
Seachem's Flourite and Onyx substrate.
ADA's substrates (Power Sand, Aqua Soil, etc.)

Trace Element Fertilizer

Someday I will organize the usenet fertilizer discussions into a coherent set. For now, read them as a huge random jumble. See also the section on PMDD at the top of this page, if you'd like to homebrew. Some breakout articles include:

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