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George & Karla Booth's Aquariums

Editor here! George was one the most prolific writers on *.aquaria back in the "good ol' days" of the newsgroup when I started getting into things... definitely the most prolific of the freshwater planted tanks. Thus, I've found it worthwhile to translate many of his articles into native hypertext. The 1992 ``Some Assembly Required'' series (including several followups) is a complete description of how they set up a fully Dupla-compliant planted Discus tank. Also of note is their new 120-gallon ``SLAG'' tank, and a 1996 replanting/new tank note from George. For the occasional irate person beleiving George is on the Dupla payroll, read this. Finally, there is a nice collection of scanned images of their tanks.

George has collected many of his articles into Aquatic Concepts, his own web site. While he's moving it around various URL's to avoid the spammers and overcharges from all you guys using it so heavily, you can find it mirrored here . It has some info not available on the Krib, and is more more nicely and concisely presented to boot!
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