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The Words of Plant People

This is a collection of mostly large prepared postings by netters about their planted tanks. Many of these are old, since they're from the days before everyone could put their tanks on their own web site. There's no order to this list. The symbol [ILL] is not meant as a comment on said author's mental state, but means that their article is illustrated.

(Photo courtesy of Dan Resler)

[ILL] George & Karla Booth's tanks have their own index. I have translated the original SST postings into hypertext there, along with some scanned images.
[LINK] George built his own web site, Aquatic Concepts, which has some overlap, plus info not available here, and is very nicely presented to boot!
[ILL] Erik Olson (me), three articles: Almost Affordable Aquarium (1994) (heating coils, CO2), my first web project, and the genesis for this site.
That Darn Plant Tank (1997) - a bigger version of the above; 75 gallon, good info on stand building, lighting, CO2, etc. More illustrations.
Fish-TV!, my second planted tank.
[LINK] Erik & Kathy Olson's fishroom.
[LINK] Karen Randall, sometimes bugged for not keeping her own website, writes a monthly column for Aquarium Frontiers Online, with lots of great information.
[LINK] Liisa Sarakontu, our resident Siamese Algae eater expert extrordinaire, was also the first plant person to have her own home page!
[ILL] George Carr keeps a 55-gallon planted discus tank and relates the advantages of keeping your environment constant.
[ILL] Jean Opsomer shows you the recipe for success in keeping a low-tech discus tank (includes a truly cool close-up of a discus against some sunset Hygro). (Also see Neil Frank's comments on low-tech.)
[ILL] Jim Hurley talks about his tanks, and lists lots of good suggestions for good planted aquaria.
[ILL] Hardjono Harjadi shows pictures of his cory cats and plants in a low-maintanence low-tech tank.
[ILL] Olga Betts sent me these shots of her planted tank while learning how to take aquarium photos.
[ILL] David Webb runs through his PVC-based substrate system on a 20 gallon tank.
[ILL] Tim McGovern shared some of his photos and questions as he was building a DIY tank. Incomplete as of this writing... perhaps I can get some finished shots from him.
[LINK] David's own page
[LINK] Steve Pushak has a set of pages heavily oriented towards substrate information and experiments, plus pictures of his plants.
[LINK] John Pitney has been keeping photos and logs on his PMDD-school tank from Day 1, so you can watch the progress.
[LINK] Hoa G. Nguyen's site has some DIY projects, photo-diaries of his planted tanks, and nifty diffraction spectra of various fluorescent tubes.
[LINK] Ray Boulanger has a couple detailed articles on yeast CO2, and pictures of his tanks. Most interesting is that he has subtle hyperlinks to other sites embedded right in his articles.
[LINK] Rhonda Wilson keeps an elaborate site with emphasis on Natural (i.e. non-filtered) aquaria. Features her own sketches, and a section on aquatic inverts.
[LINK] Jeff Dietsch has a site describing in detail the time progression of his 20-gallon tank.
[LINK] Soren "Disky" Reinke
[LINK] Chuck Gadd
[LINK] Frode Roe
[LINK] Arjan de Winter
[ILL] Mr. Drew shows us a 60-gallon hex tank with assorted MH and compact fluorescent lighting.
Joseph DeRosa pretends to be a newbie in this joke posting.
Jeff Girard, a grad student, tries a low-budget approach.
Pauli Hopea describes the cannister filter CO2 injection system.
David Hsu builds ``yet another planted tank.''
James Cho describes his plan for a 10-gallon (!) Dupla-type setup, complete with substrate heating, CO2, and ultra-high wattage lighting.
JJ quickly describes an automated water changing system.
Jon Elion sets up a 90-gallon discus tank, with really cool plumbing and an automated water changing system.
[ILL] Vinny Kutty talks about his Dutch tank (heavy on substrate composition).
[ILL] Shaji Bhaskar defends the low-tech in his outdoor tank, but also offers a description of his hi-tech tank.
In a big article, Mark Stephens describes his DIY-Dupla setup in great detail.
Jon `Monetc' quickly explains his tank and idea for CO2 by fermentation.
Gary Pimm talks about a few of his tanks (emphasis on CO2 levels and sunlight).
Dan Resler, who's 90-gallon tank looked like the picture at the top of this page, has authored a newbie article on the Ten Gallon Plant Tank.
Keith Rogers expounds the virtues of low-tech, citing one of his tanks as an example.
Scott Schaeffer suggests potting your plants, and gives a substrate recipe.
Nageshwara Rao Vempaty builds a planted tank that features an UGF and Halogen (not Metal Halide) lighting.
Bob Hoesch talks about his new tank. (Bad needle valve, DIY reactor.)
Glen W Osterhout plans a bog environment.
Bryan Cass describes how he, a newbie, set up a beginner plant tank.
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