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55 Gallon Planted Discus Tank

George Carr (

The tank has been set up almost two years now and is finally doing rather well, at least this week. The plants include several apponogen species as well as swords, a few crypts and hydras. I can't spell all the Latin names from memory so I won't bother to try here. At any rate in all my attempts to better the tank my experience is the only sure fire formula for success is to be consistant. The single most important factor for my tank is regular water changes and the more consistant all other variables are held over time the more the environment flourishes. Invariably I will think I have an idea to speed up or slow down or alter some aspect of the tanks parameters and the result is a serious immediate downturn in stability and health of the ecosystem. Each time I get a, "bright idea" I pay for it with a long slow recovery and rebuilding back to flourishing tank. So while things seem to be going well, I thought I would capture a view video frames and send them to you to share with our fellow fishheads on the net.

The Photos:

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