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A Low-Maint Tank

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995
From: Hardjono Harjadi <Hardjono.Harjadi-at-Eng.Sun.COM>

To set up affordable and low maintenance planted tank. With this in mind, I made the following choices:
  1. Use UGF with the smallest powerhead I can find:
    • to provide nutrient circulation around the roots
    • to minimize the turbulance
    • less expensive and more readily available than heating cables.
  2. Use DIY Yeast reactor: this is working great so far (3 months so far).
mesh#0 (2-3) mm gravel bed, 3 inches thick with DuplaRit balls

Date: Oct 1995
From: Hardjono Harjadi <Hardjono.Harjadi-at-Eng.Sun.COM>

Camera: Canon EOS Elan with Canon EF 50mm/1.8II lens
Film: Agfa HDC 100

These pictures are taken 12 months the tank was set up.

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