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  1. Automated water changes
    by (jj, curmudgeonly clueless old white boy) (26 Aug 92)

Automated water changes

by (jj, curmudgeonly clueless old white boy)
Date: 26 Aug 92

In article <> (Jon Elion) writes:
>This is a description of the automatic water changing system I installed on
>my heavily planted 90-gallon tank (soon to house discus).  Both the plants

It's an interesting system. I use a much simpler and cheaper one
for my discus tanks. (I have well water, no chlorine, and 
about the right chemistry, from the tap. No, I'm not complaining.)

I bought a bunch of "Raindrop" drip irrigation parts. These parts
run to about $20, aside from the timer I elected to buy.

I put overflows much like Jon has described in the tanks, and then
just ran low-pressure 1gph or two of them for large tanks drippers
to each tank.

1gph or 2gph gives a good water change ratio, with no sudden changes
in anything, temperature, chemestry, or anything else.  And without
expensive plumbing.

So far, so good.  Happy fish, happy plants, etc.

One tank has spent more than a year on the system, the other about
a year at this point.
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