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Plant Tech: Lighting, Heating Cables, and other Gadgetry*

Plants need assistance to grow in the aquarium environment, and some of this is provided by the "technology" of lighting, water pumps, heaters, etc. Note: CO2, the most popular plant gadget, is discussed in its own section.

There are many different schools of keeping planted tanks, several of which are described in these pages. You'll be much happier if you pick one, as opposed to trying to mix methods.

Speaking of schools of thought, here's a list of Dupla's Golden Rules for the succesful aquarium, most of which can be accomlished by an expensive piece of hardware. :)


Lots of info can be found in the general lighting section; here we only discuss plant-related issues:

Heating Cables

Miscelanious tech

*The PlantTech Logo is based on an idea by George Booth.
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