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The Neglected Tank


  1. Abandonded Tank
    by "Anthony O'Halloran" <zcapp31/> (Mon, 19 Jan 1998)

Abandonded Tank

by "Anthony O'Halloran" <zcapp31/>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998


I've just rejoined the list. I've been away from the hobby for about 6
months whilst persuing other things. I'd like to share whats been happening
in my tank over the last 6 month (when I was, shall we say neglecting it)
as it may be of interest to you.

I have a 36x15x18 filtered by a Fluval 203 and lit with 2 Flora Glos and a
Life Glo.

Before June 1997 I was using CO2, a range of commerical fertilisers, and
doing fortnightly 33% water changes.
My Echinodorus bleheri "paniculatus" (Amazon Swords) and Echinodorus Ozelot
(a Tropica plant - see their web page were growing
with leaves 20" high and 3-4" wide and kept on producing stalks with new
plants on them. I also pulled out about half a carrier bag of Indian fern
every two weeks.

>From June 1997 I took out the Life Glo, stopped the CO2, stopped adding
fertiliser and did water changes approx every 2 months. The two Echinodorus
mentioned above more or less stopped growing. New leaves were about 2" high
only. The Indian fern grew less over the 6 month period than it used to in
a week. My vallis seemed to take over the tank which I thought was odd as
they like a lot of light and CO2, don't they? The Java fern and Anubias
Barteri still grew steadly.

It wasn't all bad news though. My Crypts (Wenditti I think) grew really
full and took over a corner of my tank. This was a real contrast as they
usually melt after each water change. Also I didn't have so much of an
algae problem any more. My sucking loaches easily controlled the little
that grew. Even though I didn't add any fertiliser my plants still grew
lush green. My theory on this is that the tank was now a closed system and
the trace elements from the dying leaves were being proceed some how, maybe
by the Siporox in the filter (the flow rate was just a trickle) and then
reused by the new leaves.

I'm now dabbling with the tank again - going back to my old routine. I
shall be interested to see what happens.

BTW, once my plants have become established again I don't mind posting
cuttings/babies to anyone in the UK or Ireland.


Anthony O'Halloran
(University College London Union Physics Society)

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