The Krib by Subject

These web pages are a combination of culled usenet and mailing-list postings, and new articles written specifically for the web. I started keeping notable postings from *.aquaria in early 1991. They are skewed towards my own personal preference (hence the large number of plant and dwarf cichlid articles, but few marine things).

For More Information...
Aquarium Societies, mailorder houses, magazines, specialized e-mailing lists. Basically contains other resources of aquaria info.
Plants & Planted Tanks
Includes many netters' own Tank Setup Articles, Species Descriptions, Algae, Fertilizers, CO2, and other Technical Gadgetry, plus much introductory and miscellaneous material.
Apistogramma and Dwarf Cichlids
Species identification, keeping, breeding, anecdotes, etc. Better detail (and more photographs) than the general fish section below.
Breeding, keeping, species info, etc. Also contains info on other animals: shrimp, hydra, etc.
Articles regarding food, specifically how to raise your own live food.
Articles regarding water chemistry, such nutrient content, fertilizers, test kits, et al.
Tank Hardware
Stuff on hardware, tanks, stands, decoration (basically everything except plumbing, filters and lighting).
Plumbing & Filtration
Wide variety of articles describing types of filters and other devices that deal with moving water around (from simple sponges to wet-dry systems), heavy on DIY construction.
Includes comparisons between types (fluorescent,VHO,MH), and DIY plans.
Not much here yet.
Admittedly barren marine/reef collection.
Anything that doesn't fit above. Photographing your fish, humor, anecdotes.


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