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18 Feb 2002 Content update. Scary that this is only the second content update I've done in the last two years. Took me all day this time. Updated my bio page to show all the other things I've been doing instead of working on the Krib. Very bizarre to go through 400 articles I've been saving since July 2000 in the course of one day... it's kind of like reliving history. or something. 'Nuff blabbering. Details here.
30 Jul 2000 Content update! Details here. No need to tell you guys how tough it's been finding the time...blah blah blah... Check out the Aquatic Gardeners Association International Aquascaping Showcase and Contest (one area I've spent a lot of time).
15 Jul 2000 Qwest messed up my DSL upgrade, causing everything to go offline for 36 hours. Details in the Diary of Pain. No updates yet, but actually working on it.
19 Feb 2000 Mini-update: Joe Anderson's Shrimp Page has finally found a home again. On the downside, my main computer just hasn't been right ever since I upgraded the processor. I could probably write a whole other "Diary of Pain" on it, but suffice to say updates are not likely to happen until my motherboard comes back.
26 Dec 1999 Season's greetings to everyone. This long-overdue update is my holiday gift to you all. While cleaning out the house, I found the original print used to make the logo in 1994, so I rescanned it. Also tweaked the background style to improve readability. Oh yes, there's some actual new content too! Several new pictures, including Apistos (thanks Helen and Ken), other fish and plants, an article on Keeping Planted Tanks in a Classroom by Karen Randall, a DIY Skimmer for Canister Filters by Ivo Busko, and an interesting e-mail dialog on the genesis of one person's planted tank (hopefully we'll see the plants some day). For full details, see the changelist.
23 June 1999 Beleive it or not, after several busy months (including a trip to Brazil, crazy schedules at the real job, late local club newsletters, and entertaining fish speakers), I finally have a content update! I'm taking care of all the boring database updates first to clear the way for interesting new photos in the next round. Thanks to Raj, Helen, Ken and Kelly for the contributed photos.
21 February 1999 Been way too busy the last month and a half... will continue to be so for another, but managed to sneak in a partial content update. Highlight: a new Apisto ID Worksheet with updated drawings.
20 Dec 1998 Content update. Details.
16 Nov 1998 Search engine! Or at least the beginnings of one...
14 Nov 1998 Content update, along with some Apisto photos from Ken Laidlaw. Details.
13 Nov 1998 Small content update, files will be listed in next big update. Notable is Ron Wozniak's treatise on T-8s and such.
3-11 Nov 1998 Power supply on my ADSL router fries night before vacation. Hurriedly-constructed substitute of surplus drive enclosure supply is soldered to a snipped cable and keeps the system running most of the week.
29 Oct 1998 More Spam-preventatives.
22 Oct 1998 Bios added for our illustrious photographers Helen, Doug and Ken. Also updated mine to include photography methods.
20 Oct 1998 I got a slide scanner, so no more 2-week wait for photo-CDs... in celebration, I added some of my recent dwarf photos: A. agassizii, A. bitaeniata, A. panduro, A. regani, A. uaupesi, Apistogrammoides pucallpaensis, and Dicrossus maculatus.
17 Oct 1998 Added Dustin Laurence's archive material, mostly to Marine section (see details). Also still more pictures from Helen Burns: Apistogramma cacatuoides.
14 Oct 1998 Recovering from the week's aquatic plant festivities (visit by Karen Randall and the Vancouverites), but have more pictures from Helen Burns: Laetacara curviceps (very nice; suitable as desktop wallpaper!), Anomalochromis thomasi, and Apistogramma panduro. Also did a big search and destroy spam mission; changing all explicit occurances of my e-mail address with a link to the author page.
11 Oct 1998 Pictures from Helen Burns: Nanochromis transvestitus and Anomalochromis thomasi. And more! Nannacara anomala, M/P altispinosa, and M/P ramirezi. Wow, thanks!
10 Oct 1998 Content update (see details).
8 Oct 1998 Pictures of Apistos: sunset, resticulosa, and geisleri and "smaragd", c/o Doug Brown and Ken Laidlaw.
7 Oct 1998 All pages are now moved off Caltech, and they're using redirects. I'm now running with Apache's "speling" module to help counter the number of capitalization errors.
6 Oct 1998 Fix a number of URLs to point to the new FAQ location of, and found some old self-referential ones in the process. Grep says the site is now "www.cco-free". Quite good timing too, as the Caltech guys told me yesterday that the disk was failing over there. Again.
28 Sep 1998 Added Shawn Keslar's Activated Carbon experiment.
22-25 Sep 1998 I've been reading the error log and responding to your problems! Added new (hopefully friendlier) "Not Found" page (sheesh, apparently a lot of you hate my using Capitalization in Directories, since they represent a good portion of the missed hits), fixing links within the pages, and watching for mistaken links from outside. Goldfish page restored.
12 Sep 1998 Content update (see details).
9 Sep 1998 Some more layout and graphical tightening. Also, sad to report, the krib (the actual fish) who graces the logo of The Krib (the website) passed away this week after five years. :(
3 Sep 1998 Ran pages through weblint to clean formatting errors, linklint to prune dead links.
1 Sep 1998 Redirect pages put on original Caltech site.
Aug 1998 Pages first appear on
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