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From Mon Jun 10 21:54:57 1996
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 15:15:47 -0700
Subject: photos

I went out and got some 1000 ASA film and took some photos. I think they came out okay. You can tell me what you think. If you can make them look better, go ahead. I have the capability of adjusting things with my Photoshop Program but I find it difficult to judge just what to dim and how. I am however hooked on getting "good" photos and I'm going to get my SLR camera dusted off with new batteries along with some for the flash and a long cord.

Stuff about the tank

48 gallon with 4 florescents, 3 Ultralume, 1 Chroma 50 all 40 watts.
Filter: Biolife combination wet/dry and mechanical
Set-up in August of 1995

Substrate: Terralit with fine gravel over
CO2: DIY yeast through a powerhead

Plants left to right
back: H. difformis, Ludwigia repens, Bacopa caroliniana, "Giant Hygro" (something like "Coryombosa"?), Rotala macranda, Crytocoryne balansae, H. polysperma, on log - Microsorium pteropus, Hydrocotyle leucocephala, and a thin-leaved ludwigia (I think) on the far right.
front: Anubias, Lobelia cardinalis, on rock - Microsorium Windelov, a sword fern (don't know which one), Liliaeopsis, few dwarf saggateria (sp?) and Cryptocoryne lucens.

Fish that can be seen are: clown loach, scissor tails, harlequin rasboras, black tetras, SAEs, Corys, silver tipped tetras.

The photographs

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